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Java binding for etcd

jetcd: Java binding for etcd

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A simple Java client library for the awesome etcd

Uses the Apache HttpAsyncClient to implement watches without blocking a thread, and Google's Guava to give us the nice ListenableFuture interface.

Check out SmokeTest.java to see how this is used (and tested), but here's a quick code example:

EtcdClient client = new EtcdClient(URI.create(""));

String key = "/watch";

EtcdResult result = this.client.set(key, "hello");
Assert.assertEquals("hello", result.value);

result = this.client.get(key);
Assert.assertEquals("hello", result.value);
ListenableFuture<EtcdResult> watchFuture = this.client.watch(key, result.index + 1);

result = this.client.set(key, "world");
Assert.assertEquals("world", result.value);

EtcdResult watchResult = watchFuture.get(100, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
Assert.assertEquals("world", result.value);

For a bit of background, check out the blog post