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Interview with Liubomyr Manastyretskyi

Liubomyr Manastyretskyi (@manastyretskyi)
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I find it quite hard to do everything at once, so usually I to one thing at the time. There are some months when I wouldn't do any open-source work, and then there are some when I would do it almost every day.

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Interview with Igor Kasyanchuk

Igor Kasyanchuk (@igorkasyanchuk)
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I'm glad that I contributed to the Rails. I did nothing crazy and mostly was fixing things that were bothering me.

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Interview with Marc Anguera

Marc Anguera (@markets)
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When you're maintaining a long-term project, you're probably giving support for different versions of your runtime... The most reliable way I've found to deal with this problem is to rely on a CI service (GitHub Actions is pretty decent nowadays).

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