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4 months ago by Igor Kasyanchuk

Gem is easy to use and easy to integrate with your App.

I'm using it as a dependency for my gem "ask_chatgpt" and was happy of how it works.

4 months ago by Marc Anguera

Lightweight and useful package to sort your HTML tables. Easily customizable via data-* attributes.

5 months ago by Igor Kasyanchuk

The best gem for authentication. Very easy to add and extend if needed. For stronger security, you can easily integrate it with https://github.com/phatworx/devise_security_extension

4 months ago by Igor Kasyanchuk

Using this search engine (with Ruby/Rails gem) and am very happy. Performance is blazing fast.

about 1 month ago by ibrarmalik

Works like magic, and easy to set-up. I've used this to transcribe long podcasts and make them searchable.

4 months ago by araluce

Awesome! The best solution to preview emails in the browser