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Community driven tutorial for CIlib


This project will be folded into the main project repository and will preferably be served online.

Community tutorial for CIlib

Build Status

Welcome to the community tutorial source repository!

About the tutorial

The tutorial is a community project detailing the use of the CIlib library, and the explanation of some of the concepts that are used within the library.

Building the sources and contributions

PRs are welcome! All changes will be be reviewed before inclusion, but the review process will be transparent and open.

To build the project, you can either install the needed software on your local machine, or you can use the docker baced build process.

The book uses the build tool developed by underscore.io to convert markdown sources into a final PDF (through the use of Pandoc and LaTeX)

You'll need to have docker (>= 1.8.0) installed (and by extension have docker-compose available) locally and be familiar with how docker operates.

To build the documentation, please use the build.sh script (or use the relevant docker commands manually, if preferred) which will build the sources, and also start needed containers.

Please remember to run docker-compose down when you are done!