Awesome Scala Compilers

  • updated 9 months ago Apache License 2.0

    A framework to create embedded Domain-Specific Languages in Scala

  • dotty dotty 5,459
    updated 19 days ago Apache License 2.0

    The Scala 3 compiler, also known as Dotty.

  • linter linter 269
    updated over 5 years ago Apache License 2.0

    Static Analysis Compiler Plugin for Scala

  • updated over 6 years ago BSD 3-Clause "New...

    A compiler plug-in to control object lifetimes in Scala

  • scala-js scala-js 4,484
    updated 30 days ago Apache License 2.0

    Scala.js, the Scala to JavaScript compiler

  • updated 23 days ago Other

    Your favorite language gets closer to bare metal.