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Your favorite language gets closer to bare metal.

Scala Native

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Scala Native is an optimizing ahead-of-time compiler and lightweight managed runtime designed specifically for Scala.

Chat and Documentation


Getting Started and full documentation can be found at https://www.scala-native.org/

Online Scaladoc

Scaladoc nativelib Scaladoc javalib Scaladoc clib Scaladoc posixlib Scaladoc windowslib


Scala Native is distributed under the Apache License. See LICENSE.md for details


The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and LAMP are funding the development of Scala Native as part of Martin Odersky's research program for Capatibilies for Resources and Effects (Caprese) in Scala.

VirtusLab sponsors Scala Native by providing a full-time engineer designated to the maintenance and future development of Scala Native.

Scala Native is also powered by the efforts of its open-source community. Check out the list of contributors to this project.