Awesome R Language API

  • updated 3 months ago Other

    Embed Julia in R

  • jvmr jvmr 15
    updated almost 10 years ago Other

    Integration of R, Java, and Scala

  • updated 11 months ago GNU General Publi...

    R package for linguistic cartography and typological databases search

  • qdap qdap 172
    updated almost 4 years ago

    Quantitative Discourse Analysis Package: Bridging the gap between qualitative data and quantitative analysis

  • updated over 3 years ago

    Seamless Interface to Octave -- and Matlab code

  • runr runr 85
    updated almost 7 years ago

    Run external programs from R (experimental)

  • updated 8 months ago

    Bindings to Tesseract OCR engine for R