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Essential Building Blocks for Scala

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Airframe https://wvlet.org/airframe is essential building blocks for developing applications in Scala, including logging, object serialization using JSON or MessagePack, dependency injection, http server/client with RPC support, functional testing with AirSpec, etc.





For Developers

Airframe uses Scala 3 as the default Scala version. To use Scala 2.x versions, run ++ 2.12 or ++ 2.13 in the sbt console.


For every PR, release-drafter will automatically label PRs using the rules defined in .github/release-drafter.yml.

To publish a new version, first, create a new release tag as follows:

$ git switch main
$ git pull
$ ruby ./scripts/release.rb

This step will update docs/release-noteds.md, push a new git tag to the GitHub, and create a new GitHub relese note. After that, the artifacts will be published to Sonatype (a.k.a. Maven Central). It usually takes 10-30 minutes.

Note: Do not create a new tag from GitHub release pages, because it will not trigger the GitHub Actions for the release.

Binary Compatibility

When changing some interfaces, binary compatibility should be checked so as not to break applications using older versions of Airframe. In build.sbt, set AIRFRAME_BINARY_COMPAT_VERSION to the previous version of Airframe as a comparison target. Then run sbt mimaReportBinaryIssues to check the binary compatibility.


Apache v2