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Your shiny new Java/Scala build tool!

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Your shiny new Scala build tool! Confused by SBT? Frustrated by Maven? Perplexed by Gradle? Give Mill a try!


If you want to use Mill in your own projects, check out our documentation:

Here is some quick example, so that you can imagine how it looks:

import mill._, scalalib._

object foo extends ScalaModule {
  def scalaVersion = "3.3.1"

object bar extends ScalaModule {
  def moduleDeps = Seq(foo)
  def scalaVersion = "3.3.1"

If you use Mill and like it, you will probably enjoy the following book by the Author:

The remainder of this readme is developer-documentation targeted at people who wish to work on Mill’s own codebase. The developer docs assume you have read through the user-facing documentation linked above. It’s also worth spending a few minutes reading the following blog posts to get a sense of Mill’s design & motivation:

Mill is profiled using the JProfiler Java Profiler, by courtesy of EJ Technologies.

Mill is built using Mill. To begin, you just need a JVM installed, and the ./mill script will be sufficient to bootstrap the project.

IntelliJ Setup

If you are using IntelliJ IDEA to edit Mill’s Scala code, you can create the IntelliJ project files via:

./mill -j 0 mill.idea.GenIdea/idea

Manual & Automated Testing

The following table contains the main ways you can test the code in com-lihaoyi/mill, via manual testing or automated tests:


Automated Testing

Manual Testing

Manual Testing CI

In-Process Tests

main.__.test, scalalib.test, contrib.buildinfo.test, etc.

Sub-Process w/o packaging/publishing

example.__.local, integration.__.local



Sub-Process w/ packaging/publishing

example.__.server, integration.__.server



Bootstrapping: Building Mill with your current checkout of Mill



In-Process Tests

In-process tests live in the .test sub-modules of the various Mill modules. These range from tiny unit tests, to larger integration tests that instantiate a TestUtil.BaseModule in-process and a TestEvaluator to evaluate tasks on it.

Most "core" tests live in main.__test; these should run almost instantly, and cover most of Mill’s functionality that is not specific to Scala/Scala.js/etc.. Tests specific to Scala/Scala.js/Scala-Native live in scalalib.test/scalajslib.test/scalanativelib.test respectively, and take a lot longer to run because running them involves actually compiling Scala code.

The various contrib modules also have tests in this style, e.g. contrib.buildinfo.test

Note that the in-memory tests compile the BaseModule together with the test suite, and do not exercise the Mill script-file bootstrapping, transformation, and compilation process.

Sub-Process Tests without Packaging/Publishing

example.__.local and integration.__.local tests run Mill end-to-end in a subprocess, but without the expensive/slow steps of packaging the core packages into an assembly jar and publishing the remaining packages to ~/.ivy2/local. You can reproduce these tests manually using ./mill dev.run <test-folder-path> <command>.

example tests are written in a single build.sc file, with the test commands written in a comment with a bash-like syntax together with the build code and comments that explain the example. These serve three purposes:

  1. Basic smoke-tests to make sure the functionality works at all, without covering every edge case

  2. User-facing documentation, with the test cases, test commands, and explanatory comments included in the Mill documentation site

  3. Example repositories, that Mill users can download to bootstrap their own projects

The integration tests are similar to example tests and share most of their test infrastructure, but with differences:

  1. integration tests are meant to test features more thoroughly then example tests, covering more and deeper edge cases even at the expense of readability

  2. integration tests are written using a Scala test suite extending IntegrationTestSuite, giving more flexibility at the expense of readability

You can reproduce any of the tests manually using dev.run, e.g.

Automated Test

./mill "example.basic[1-simple-scala].local"

Manual Test

./mill dev.run example/basic/1-simple-scala run --text hello

Manual Test using Launcher Script

./mill dev.launcher && (cd example/basic/1-simple-scala && ../../../out/dev/launcher.dest/run run --text hello)

Sub-Process Tests with Packaging/Publishing

example.__.server, integration.__.server, example.__.fork and integration.__.fork cover the same test cases as the .local tests described above, but they perform packaging of the Mill core modules into an assembly jar, and publish the remaining modules to ~/.ivy2/local. This results in a more realistic test environment, but at the cost of taking tens-of-seconds more to run a test after making a code change.

You can reproduce these tests manually using dev.assembly:

./mill dev.assembly && (cd example/basic/1-simple-scala && ../../../out/dev/assembly.dest/mill run --text hello)

There are two flavors of these tests:

  1. .server test run the test cases with the default configuration, so consecutive commands run in the same long-lived background server process

  2. .fork test run the test cases with --no-server, meaning each command runs in a newly spawned Mill process

In general you should spend most of your time working with the .local version of the example and integration tests to save time, and only run .fork or .server once .local is passing.

Bootstrapping: Building Mill with your current checkout of Mill

To test bootstrapping of Mill’s own Mill build using a version of Mill built from your checkout, you can run

./mill installLocal

This creates a standalone assembly at target/mill-release you can use, which references jars published locally in your ~/.ivy2/local cache, and applies any necessary patches to build.sc to deal with changes in Mill between the version specified in .config/mill-version that is normally used to build Mill and the HEAD version your assembly was created from. You can then use this standalone assembly to build & re-build your current Mill checkout without worrying about stomping over compiled code that the assembly is using.

This assembly is design to work on bash, bash-like shells and Windows Cmd. If you have another default shell like zsh or fish, you probably need to invoke it with sh ~/mill-release or prepend the file with a proper shebang.

If you want to install into a different location or a different Ivy repository, you can set its optional parameters.

Install into /tmp
$ ./mill installLocal --binFile /tmp/mill --ivyRepo /tmp/millRepo
Published 44 modules and installed /tmp/mill


In case of troubles with caching and/or incremental compilation, you can always restart from scratch removing the out directory:

os.remove.all -rf out/

Project Layout

The Mill project is organized roughly as follows:

Core modules that are included in the main assembly

  • runner, main.*, scalalib, scalajslib, scalanativelib.

These are general lightweight and dependency-free: mostly configuration & wiring of a Mill build and without the heavy lifting.

Heavy lifting is delegated to the worker modules (described below), which the core modules resolve from Maven Central (or from the local filesystem in dev) and load into isolated classloaders.

Worker modules that are resolved from Maven Central

  • scalalib.worker, scalajslib.worker[0.6], scalajslib.worker[1.0]

These modules are where the heavy-lifting happens, and include heavy dependencies like the Scala compiler, Scala.js optimizer, etc.. Rather than being bundled in the main assembly & classpath, these are resolved separately from Maven Central (or from the local filesystem in dev) and kept in isolated classloaders.

This allows a single Mill build to use multiple versions of e.g. the Scala.js optimizer without classpath conflicts.

Contrib modules

  • contrib/bloop/, contrib/flyway/, contrib/scoverage/, etc.

These are modules that help integrate Mill with the wide variety of different tools and utilities available in the JVM ecosystem.

These modules are not as stringently reviewed as the main Mill core/worker codebase, and are primarily maintained by their individual contributors. These are maintained as part of the primary Mill Github repo for easy testing/updating as the core Mill APIs evolve, ensuring that they are always tested and passing against the corresponding version of Mill.

Compatibility & Stability

Mill maintains backward binary compatibility for each major version (major.minor.point), enforced with Mima, for the following packages:

  • mill.api

  • mill.util

  • mill.define

  • mill.eval

  • mill.resolve

  • mill.scalalib

  • mill.scalajslib

  • mill.scalanativelib

Other packages like mill.runner, mill.bsp, etc. are on the classpath but offer no compatibility guarantees.

Currently, Mill does not offer compatibility guarantees for mill.contrib packages, although they tend to evolve slowly. This may change over time as these packages mature over time.

Project Maintenance

Pull Requests

  • Changes to the main branch need a pull request. Exceptions are preparation commits for releases, which are meant to be pushed with tags in one go

  • Merged pull request (and closed issues) need to be assigned to a Milestone

  • Pull requests are typically merged via "Squash and merge", so we get a linear and useful history

  • Larger pull request, where it makes sense to keep single commits, or with multiple authors may be committed via merge commits.

Commit Messages

  • The title should be meaningful and may contain the pull request number in parentheses (typically automatically generated on GitHub)

  • The description should contain additional required details, which typically reflect the content of the first PR comment

  • A full link to the pull request should be added via a line: Pull request: <link>

  • If the PR has multiple authors but is merged as merge commit, those authors should be included via a line for each co-author: Co-authored-by: <author>

  • If the message contains links to other issues or pull requests, you should use full URLs to reference them


0.11.7 - 2024-02-05

Changes since 0.11.6:

New features

  • Support type selectors as path selection syntax in resolve #2997, #2998

  • Read coursier default config files to set up repositories and support mirror configuration #2886, #2917

  • Added support for type attribute when parsing dependencies #2994

  • Add new ScalaModule.scalacHelp command #2921

  • Add a ScalaModule.consoleScalacOptions target #2948

  • Enable colored output for Scala 2 compiler output #2950

  • Add publishLocalCached and publishM2LocalCached targets to PublishModule #2976

  • Support Scala Native build target. This allows to build static and dynamic libraries other than binaries #2898

  • Prepare the Scala.js integration for SIP-51 #2988

Fixes and Improvements

  • Better detect Windows Subsystem for Linux environments #2901

  • Avoid evaluating `T.input`s twice #2952

  • Deduplicate (anonymous) tasks in results #2959

  • Synchronize evaluateGroupCached to avoid concurrent access to cache #2980

  • Properly sanitize Windows reserved names and symbols in evaluator paths #2964, #2965

  • Detect colliding cross module values #2984

  • Mask forward slashes in cross values to fix their cache locations #2986

  • Re-enable test result summary (print done message from test framework to stdout) #2993

  • Fix overeager caching of cliImports value in generatedScriptSources #2977

  • Allow resolving moduleDeps with older Scala 3 versions #2877

  • GenIdea: Put module dependencies after library dependencies #2925

  • BSP: do not filter clean-requests for meta-builds #2931

  • BSP: Add JavaModule.bspBuildTargetData to make JavaModule reports workable BuildTarget #2930

  • BSP: Send logMessage instead of diagnostics when textDocument is unknown #2979

  • Scoverage inner module defaults new to skipIdea = true #2989

Updates and internal changes

  • Dependency updates: asm-tree 9.6, bsp4j 2.2.0-M1, coursier 2.1.8, jline 3.25.0, jna 5.14.0, junixsocket-core 2.8.3, log4j-core 2.22.1, mainargs 0.6.1, os-lib 0.9.3, scalafmt 3.7.15, Scala.js 1.15.0, scala-native 8.4.16, semanticdb-java 0.9.8, semanticdb-scala 4.8.15, upickle 3.1.4, zinc 1.9.6

  • Contrib dependency updates: Play 2.8.21, Play 2.9.1, Play 3.0.1

  • Documentation updates and new sections

  • More code cleanups, explicit result types and enforcement of some code quality metrics via mill-scalafix

For details refer to milestone 0.11.7 and the list of commits.

0.11.6 - 2023-11-21

Changes since 0.11.5:

  • Make PathRef robust against concurrent filesyste modifications #2832

  • Use logger error stream for informational messages #2839

  • Harden assembly logic against Zip-Slip vulnerabilities #2847

  • Add an option to disable incremental compilation with zinc #2851

  • Add check for right Tests traits in ScalaJS and Native #2874

  • Attempt to recover from client/server connection errors to #2879

  • Fix discovery of targets whose names get mangled #2883

  • Make mill show skip -j prefixes to ensure machine readability #2884

For details refer to milestone 0.11.6 and the list of commits.

0.11.5 - 2023-10-04

Changes since 0.11.4:

  • Support for Java 21 #2768

  • Various BSP improvements #2814, #2813, #2810, #2771

  • The T.workspace context path now always points to the top-level project directory, also for meta builds #2809

  • Mill now better detects and reports logical cycles in inter-module dependencies #2790

  • Fixed semanticDB data generation for meta builds #2809

  • The prepareOffline command also fetches relevant compiler-bridges for Scala modules #2791

  • Improved ScalaJSModule and added support for IRFileCache #2783

  • The JavaModule.zincReportCachedProblems configuration can now also customized via a Java system property #2775

  • Fixed a file truncation issue in protobuf module and print a warning when proto file get overwritten #2800

  • Documentation improvements

  • Dependency updates: bsp4j 2.1.0-M7, castor 0.3.0, coursier-interface 1.0.19, jarjarabrams 1.9.0, jline 3.23.0, junitsocket 2.8.1, mainargs 0.5.4, scalafmt 3.7.14, Scala.js 1.14.0, semanticdb-java 0.9.6, semanticdb-scala 4.8.10

  • Various other improvements and cleanups

For details refer to milestone 0.11.5 and the list of commits.

0.11.4 - 2023-09-19

Changes since 0.11.3:

  • Fix binary incompatibility issue with Discover macro’s generated generic code #2749

  • Support the release-size mode in ScalaNativeModule #2754

For details refer to milestone 0.11.4 and the list of commits.

0.11.3 - 2023-09-17

Changes since 0.11.2:

  • Allow Mill CLI to select the meta-build frame it operates on via --meta-level <n> #2719

  • Improve the mill resolve suggestion when a user specifies a target in the wrong module #2731

  • Fix conflicting dependencies between upstream JavaModules #2735

  • Fix the scala-library dependency for (generic) platform modules #2739

  • Fix terminal forwarding in .console and .repl commands #2743

For details refer to milestone 0.11.3 and the list of commits.

0.11.2 - 2023-08-28

Changes since 0.11.1:

  • Target invalidation after making changes to build.sc is now done at a fine-grained method-level granularity, using callgraph reachability analysis to see which targets depend on the code that was changed. See #2417 for more details

  • Fix redirection of stdout stream to stderr when using show #2689

  • Fix line numbers in errors for scripts starting with leading comments or whitespace #2686

  • Fix init command and support runnig Mill without existing build.sc file #2662

  • Fixes for BSP editor integration sometimes using the wrong output folder for meta-build metadata, causing subsequent builds from the command line to fail #2692

  • Added a new mill.idea.GenIdea/idea command to generate IntelliJ IDE metadata, improving-upon and replacing the older mill.scalalib.GenIdea/idea command which is now deprecated #2638

  • Update Coursier to 2.1.6 to mitigate CVE CVE-2022-46751 #2705

For details refer to milestone 0.11.2 and the list of commits.

0.11.1 - 2023-06-23

Changes since 0.11.0:

  • mill.define.Cross: Introduced default cross segments and some CLI convenience

  • mill.testrunner: Fixed exception when running ScalaTest or ZIOTest frameworks

  • mill.runner: Removed some obsolete / defunct cli options

  • mill.runner: Properly distinct-ify commands when resolving wide matching target patterns

  • mill.scalajslib: Restored correct defaults for esFeature

  • mill.bsp: Fixed a MatchError in the buildtarget/scalaTestClasses request

  • mill.contrib.bloop: Corrected accidentally changed package name resulting in non-functional plugin

  • mill.contrib.scoverage: Fixed defunct plugin due to a missing type annotation

  • Various internal improvements

  • Dependency updates: Ammonite 3.3.0-M0-32-96e851cb, bsp4j 2.1.0-M5, zinc 1.9.1

  • Mill is now build with Mill 0.11

For details refer to milestone 0.11.1 and the list of commits.

0.11.0 - 2023-06-06

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M11.

Changes since 0.11.0-M11:

  • 0.11.0 is the next breaking version after the 0.10.x series, with a large number of improvements. See the changelog below for 0.11.0-M1 to 0.11.0-M11 for a full list of user-facing changes.

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0 and the list of commits.

Older releases

0.11.0-M11 - 2023-06-04

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M10.

Changes since 0.11.0-M10:

  • Make foo.test command run tests with user code in the boot classloader, rather than in a sub-classloader #2561

  • Mill backend server timeout is now configurable #2550

  • Mill assembly is now distributed via Maven Central, rather than Github release assets, to remove an unnecessary single point of failure #2560

  • Tests inner trait was removed, to avoid trait shadowing which will be removed in Scala 3. Please use ScalaTests, ScalaJSTests, or ScalaNativeTests instead #2558

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M11 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M10 - 2023-05-24

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M9.

Changes since 0.11.0-M9:

  • Make mill.define.Module a trait to allow abstract/virtual modules to be traits rather than classes #2536

  • Move mill.BuildInfo to mill.main.BuildInfo to avoid name conflicts with mill.contrib.buildinfo.BuildInfo #2537

  • PlatformScalaModule now exposes platformScalaSuffix for user code to use #2534

  • Add Agg.when operator to simplify common workflow of adding optional flags or command line parameters #2353

  • Generalize handling of test module source folder layout, such that they always match the folder layout of the enclosing module #2531

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M10 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M9 - 2023-05-18

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M8.

Changes since 0.11.0-M8:

  • Overhauled target resolution logic. It is now significantly lazier, resulting in less of the module tree being un-necessarily instantiated, and also more precise and predictable #2453 #2511

  • Allow tasks to be passed as the CLI parameters of the run command, allowing run to be easily used in the implementation of other tasks #2452

  • T.inputs are now watched properly with --watch, and trigger re-evaluations when the watched value changes #2489

  • Support for Java 20 #2501

  • Broke up mill.modules package #2513, with functionality re-distributed to mill.util and mill.scalalib

  • Overhaul BSP-related code, for improved fidelity and correctness #2415 #2414 #2518 #2521

  • Enabled compilation warnings in build.sc #2519

  • Print out the CLI flags when inspecting T.commands #2522

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M9 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M8 - 2023-04-24

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M7.

Changes since 0.11.0-M7:

  • Added an example/ folder in the Mill repo, containing common build setups demonstrating Mill features with explanations of how each feature works

  • Pre-compiled Scala incremental compiler interface #2424, to speed up clean builds

  • Add some helpers to simplify cross-version/cross-platform modules {#2406}[#2406]

  • You can now override T{…​} Targets with T.source or T.sources, and vice versa #2402

  • Removed the Ammonite script runner dependency used to evaluate build.sc files and instead compile them using Mill #2377

  • Add TestModule.ZioTest #2432

  • Caching fixes for external modules #2419

  • Overhaul of the Mill BuildInfo plugin, moving the key-value into resources to avoid needing to re-compile your module when the values change, adding JavaModule support, and allowing Javadoc/Scaladoc comments to be associated with the generated BuildInfo constants #2425

  • Global Configuration via ~/.mill/ammonite/predefScript.sc is no longer supported in this version. If that breaks your workflow, please report and tell us your use case so we can provide sufficient replacement or support for your use case before Mill 0.11.

  • Overhaul of the documentation. Created many executable example projects which are included in the documentation and run/tested on CI

  • Change cross module definitions to be traits instead of classes, for greater regularity and less builerplate at call sites. This change requires slight modification to existing build scripts that define cross modules.

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M8 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M7 - 2023-03-30

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M6.

Changes since 0.11.0-M6:

  • Introduced automatic PathRef validation for cached targets; default-enabled it for CoursierModule.resolveDeps and various resolvedIvyDeps targets

  • bsp: Update Protocol version to 2.1.0-M4

  • bsp: Support new mainClasses field in run and test environments

  • bsp: Fixed handling of Mill plugins and other improvements

  • scalanativelib: new nativeDump setting in ScalaNativeModule

  • contrib.twirllib: Use newer scala-parser-combinators version when used with Scala 3

  • contrib.scalapblib: Added new flag to search for proto files in dependencies

  • Various refactorings to improve binary compatibility

  • Updated dependencies: Ammonite 3.0.0-M0-5 coursier 2.1.0, scala native tools 0.4.12, semanticdb 4.7.6, trees 4.7.6, upickle 3.0.0

  • DX improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M7 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M6 - 2023-03-09

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M5.

Changes since 0.11.0-M5:

  • main: Re-added missing --color and predef cli arguments.

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M6 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M5 - 2023-03-09

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M4.

Changes since 0.11.0-M4:

  • Cross is no longer adding the cross parameters to the millSourcePath.

    You should review your cross modules setups to avoid build issues like incorrect source paths or missing files. CrossScalaModule is not affected by this change.

  • API refactorings: PathRef, moved JarManifest to mill.main

  • No longer inherit the Ammonite CLI config

  • scalalib: Fixed loosing customized mapDependencies when ScalaModule get mixed in after

  • scalalib: New TestModule.Weaver

  • scalajslib: New JsEnvConfig.Selenium

  • testrunner: Fixed concurrency issue with test event reporting

  • Updated dependencies: ammonite 3.0.0-M0-3, coursier 2.1.0-RC6, jarajar-abrams-core 1.8.2, lambdatest 0.8.0, log4j-core 2.20.0, os-lib 0.9.1, scoverage 2.0.8, semanticdb-scalac 4.7.5, trees 4.7.5

  • Documentation updates

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M5 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M4 - 2023-02-10

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M3.

Changes since 0.11.0-M3:

  • scalalib: New configuration target zincReportCachedProblems which, when true, enables reporting of all found problems, even for files which were not re-compiled

  • scalalib: Improved SemanticDB support for Java and Scala

  • scalalib: Mitigate another coursier download issue

  • scalajslib: Fetch more tooling dependencies in prepareOffline

  • scalanativelib: Fetch more tooling dependencies in prepareOffline

  • scalanativelib: Updated tools to version 0.4.10

  • bsp: Improved support for the mill-build module which should improve the editing experience for build.sc and other build files

  • Cleanups and internal improvements

  • Updated dependencies: Ammonite 3.0.0-M0-1, junixsocket 2.6.2, semanticdb-java 0.8.13, upickle 3.0.0-M2

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M4 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M3 - 2023-01-23

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M2.

Changes since 0.11.0-M2:

  • Slightly changed the out/ folder layout for overridden and private tasks. Instead of foo.overridden we now use a foo.super path to hold the metadata and scratch files.

  • Fixed the caching for private targets with same name but defined in different super traits.

  • Fixed non-functional clean command when used with arguments denoting modules.

  • scalalib: Fixed GenIdea issues on Windows, when the build uses plugins or additional libraries.

  • scalajslib: ScalaJSModule.ScalaJSTests now extends ScalaModule.ScalaTests which improves consistency, better default values and compatibility with other modules like ScoverageModule.

  • scalanativelib: ScalaNativeModule.ScalaNativeTests now extends ScalaModule.ScalaTests which improves consistency, better default values and compatibility with other modules.

  • contrib.gitlab: Improved error handling for token lookup and documentation.

  • Updated dependencies: coursier 2.1.0-RC5, jna 5.13.0, semanticdb-scala 4.7.3, trees 4.7.3

  • Documentation improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M3 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M2 - 2023-01-13

This release is binary incompatible to 0.11.0-M1.

Changes since 0.11.0-M1:

  • Splitted BSP module into mill.bsp and mill.bsp.worker and removed various dependencies (guava, bsp4j, xtends, lsp4j, …​) from Mill API

  • scalalib: Added support to generate semanticdb data for Java source files

  • scalajslib: Added support for scalaJSOutputPattern

  • scalajslib: Added suport for scalaJSSourceMap

  • scalajslib: Dropped support for Scala.js 0.6

  • Updated dependencies: ammonite 2.5.6, coursier 2.1.0-RC4, semanticdb 4.7.1, requests 0.8.0, scalafmt 3.6.1, trees 4.7.1, upickle 3.0.0-M1, utest 0.8.1

  • Various internal cleanups and improvements

  • Documentation improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M2 and the list of commits.

0.11.0-M1 - 2022-12-17

This release is binary incompatible to 0.10.10.

Changes since 0.10.10:

  • Greatly improved dependency resolution between modules, making it possible to mix Java and Scala modules

  • main: Restrict Cross parameter to be of type Module

  • scalalib: Performance improvements in Zinc worker module

  • scalalib: Resources are no longer added to compileClasspath.

  • scalalib: Added new compileResources which will end up in compileClasspath

  • scalalib: Consolidated artifact and platform suffix handling

  • scalajslib : Performance improvements in worker module

  • scalanativelib : Performance improvements in worker module

  • Updated dependencies: coursier 2.1.0-RC3, os-lib 0.9, scala 2.12.17, trees 4.7.0

  • Removed lots of deprecated API

  • Various internal cleanups and improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.11.0-M1 and the list of commits.

0.10.15 - 2024-01-07

Changes since 0.10.13:

  • Make semanticDbEnablePluginScalacOptions protected and thus accessible for downstream use and customization

For details refer to milestone 0.10.15 and the list of commits.

0.10.13 - 2023-11-12

Changes since 0.10.12:

This version especially aids the transition from Mill 0.10 to Mill 0.11.

  • Backport of Java 20 compatibility

  • Deprecated mill.define.SelectMode.Single

  • Backport of mill.eval.Evaluator.evalOrThrow

  • Deprecated all inner Tests traits of modules derived from JavaModule and provide type aliases to use their successors

  • Dependency updates: Ammonite 2.5.11, Coursier 2.1.7, jarjar-abrams 1.9.0, Junixxocket 2.8.2, Play 2.8.21, Scalameta Trees 4.8.12, Scala Native 0.4.16, Scoverage 2.0.11, Zinc 1.9.5

For details refer to milestone 0.10.13 and the list of commits.

0.10.12 - 2023-03-20

Changes since 0.10.11:

  • scalalib: Mitigate another coursier download issue (backported from 0.11.0-M4)

  • testrunner: Fixed a concurrency issue with test event reporting (backported from 0.11.0-M5)

  • scalajslib: Deprecated fastOpt and fullOpt

  • Updated dependencies: coursier 2.1.0, jarjar-abrams 1.8.2, jna 5.13.0, junixsocket 2.6.2, log4j-core 2.20.0, scalafmt-dynamic 3.6.1, trees 4.7.6

For details refer to milestone 0.10.12 and the list of commits.

0.10.11 - 2023-01-24

Changes since 0.10.10:

  • Fixed non-functional clean command when used with arguments denoting modules.

  • scalalib: Fixed GenIdea issues on Windows, when the build uses plugins or additional libraries.

  • scalajslib: Performance improvements in worker module

  • scalajslib: Pass more settings from ScalaJSModule to its Tests

    If you have issues after the update (like org.scalajs.jsenv.UnsupportedInputException, #2300), check your settings in the test modules for consistency.

  • Some internal improvements backported from 0.11.0-M3

For details refer to milestone 0.10.11 and the list of commits.

0.10.10 - 2022-12-06

After this release, the main branch is open for development of the next major version of Mill, which is probably 0.11. Further maintenance work will happen in the 0.10.x branch.

Changes since 0.10.9:

  • Lots of documentation improvements, additions and restructurings

  • core: Fixed some rare issues with reading the .mill-jvm-opts file

  • core: We made slight adaptions to the T.dest location of target defined in included files, to fix potential colliding cache locations

  • scalalib: JAR archives created by Mill now by default contain directory entries

  • scalalib: Updated zinc to 1.8.0

  • scalajslib: Added support for more JsEnv providers

    If you get some issues (like connect ECONNREFUSED, #2204) after the update, review your settings for JsEnv providers.

  • scalanativelib: Support for incremental compilation since Scala Native 0.4.9

  • contrib.testng: The TestNG library is no longer provided transitively; you need to provide it explicitly

  • contrib.bloop: Fixed re-generation of bloop config dir; previously, it could happen, that there where no config files at all

  • BSP: implement buildTarget/OutputPaths request

  • Various version bumps and internal improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.10.10 and the list of commits.

0.10.9 - 2022-11-10

Changes since 0.10.8:

  • Hardened Maven and Ivy artifact handling to prevent path-traversal attacks (see CVE-2022-37866), also updated coursier dependency to a non-vulnerable version

  • Decoupled mill-moduledefs module into a separate project, to better suite compiler plugin packaging and improve support for various Scala versions

  • Applied more workarounds to coursier concurrency issues to make parallel builds more robust

  • Added support for newer Scala versions in GenIdea (2.2 and 2.3)

  • Fixed an issue where PublishModule dropped module dependencies when mixed-in after other trait which overrode moduleDeps

  • new JMH contrib plugin

  • Lots of internal improvements and dependency updates

For details refer to milestone 0.10.9 and the list of commits.

0.10.8 - 2022-10-10

Changes since 0.10.7:

  • Improvements for better Scala 3.2 support

  • Fixed non-working default commands in cross modules

  • CoursierModule: mitigate more download failure situations (e.g. checksum failures)

  • PublishModule: properly show gpg output in server mode

  • BSP: Better compiler message handling (logMessage instead of showMessage) and support for diagnostic code

  • ScoverageModule: Support for Scoverage 2.x

  • New contrib module GitlabPublishModule

  • Various internal improvements and version bumps

  • Documentation improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.10.8 and the list of commits.

0.10.7 - 2022-08-24

Changes since 0.10.6:

  • Don’t print unwanted debug messages from zinc

For details refer to milestone 0.10.7 and the list of commits.

0.10.6 - 2022-08-24

Changes since 0.10.5:

  • PathRefs sigs are now more reproducible and independent of the used filesystem

  • JavaModule can now use a non-local Java Compiler to support all options

  • Logger: new debugEnabled to detect whether debug logging is enabled

  • New testkit module, to use TestEvaluator in external projects

  • Fixed reading of .mill-jvm-opts in server mode

  • BSP: Automatic SemanticDB enablement to improve Metals support

  • mill.twirllib.TwirlModule - new mandatory target twirlScalaVersion to configure the Scala version used by Twirl compiler, and support for newer versions

  • Lots of documentation updates and additions

  • Upgraded to Zinc 1.7.1 and various other dependency updates

For details refer to milestone 0.10.6 and the list of commits.

0.10.5 - 2022-07-01

Changes since 0.10.4:

  • New init command, to create new Mill projects from Gitter8 (g8) templates

  • PathRef now gracefully ignores socket files. This also fixes an annoying issue when Mill was previously ran in a source directory.

  • Fixed a bug with using mill --repl without any further arguments, which was introduced in Mill 0.10.2 and prevented proper no-server mode

  • Fixed the visualize command which wasn’t working on some newer JREs

  • Improved Mill server support for Windows 11 and some Windows Server versions

  • ScalaModule / ZincWorkerModule: Fixed incremental compilation issue with JRE 17 (and probably others)

  • TestModule now better supports JUnit5 test suites

  • ScalaJsModule: internal improvements to the stability of the Scala.js linker

  • ScalaNativeModule: Added support for nativeEmbedResources

  • BSP: improved handling of the mill-build module when the BSP client is IntelliJ IDEA

  • Documentation updates and link fixes

  • Various dependency updates

For details refer to milestone 0.10.5 and the list of commits.

0.10.4 - 2022-05-06

Changes since 0.10.3:

  • Switched from ipcsocket to junixsocket library to enhance the robustness of Mill client server communication. This should greatly improve the user experience on Windows.

  • Internal improvements and better support of GraalVM

  • The Mill Documentation site has now built-in search functionality

  • ScalaJsModule: New targets fastLinkJS and fullLinkJS and deprecated fastOpt and fullOpt

  • ScalaJsModule: Support for ModuleSplitStyle

  • BSP: Updated to protocol version 2.1.0-M1, added support for test framework names and support for the JVM extension

  • GenIdea: More consistent ordering of libraries and dependent modules and support for Scala 3.1 language level

  • Bloop: Added support for runtime dependencies

  • Enhanced test suite to cover Mill client server scenarios

  • Various dependency updates

For details refer to milestone 0.10.4 and the list of commits.

0.10.3 - 2022-04-11

Changes since 0.10.2:

  • Fixed import $file for files with hyphens and other symbols in its name

  • Fixed an issues with truncated output just before Mill finishes

  • Mill commands now support arguments of type Task[T], which can improve writing re-usable commands, especially, they can be called from other tasks more easily

  • JavaModule: Improved correctness and performance of compileClasspath and bspCompileClasspath targets. This fixes an issue with BSP for large projects. Also, compile-time dependencies no longer sneak into the classpath transitively.

  • JavaModule: Added docJarUseArgsFile target and fix issue with Windows command length restrictions in docJar

  • BSP and Bloop: Better detect foreign modules

  • Various internal API refinements and improvements

  • Reorganized integration test suite and build setup

For details refer to milestone 0.10.3 and the list of commits.

0.10.2 - 2022-03-18

Changes since 0.10.1:

  • Mill workers can now implement AutoCloseable to properly free resources

  • ScalaModule: Fixed repl start

  • CoursierModule: Fixed concurrent download issues with coursier (we detect and retry)

  • MainModule: Fixed potential match error with show and showNamed

  • Restructured contrib module documentation

  • Internal improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.10.2 and the list of commits.

0.10.1 - 2022-03-08

Changes since 0.10.0:

  • MillClienMain can now act as universal main to start mill with or without a server process

  • Improved show command that always returns valid JSON

  • Added showNamed command that includes the task names in the output

  • Implemented more granular cache invalidation which keeps more caches intact when you split your build setup over multiple .sc files with import $file.

  • The local .mill-jvm-opts file is no longer restricted to -X options

  • CoursierModule: Added coursierCacheCustomizer to support a FileCache customizers

  • JavaModule: the docJar target no longer includes hidden files

  • ScalaModule: Updated to latest zinc version

  • ScalaModule: Reworked scalac plugins handling for the better and to support Scala 3

  • ScalaNativeModule: fixed Dep.withDottyCompat behavior

  • ScalaJSModule: support for linking multiple modules

  • ScalafmtModule: Support for newer Scalafmt versions

  • Tool chain: Update to Mill 0.10.0

  • Tool chain: we no longer create files outside the mill project directory (e.g. ~/mill-release is now under target/mill-release)

  • Various dependency updates

  • Lots of internal improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.10.1 and the list of commits.

0.10.0 - 2022-01-14

Changes since 0.10.0-M5:

  • Changed structure of out directory, out/foo/dest is now out/foo.dest

  • Fixed issues with loading of predef scripts

  • --watch now supports manual re-runs by pressing enter

  • Improved subprocess handling

  • Published poms can now contain properties and versionScheme information

  • Improved Scala.js support, including more target configuration options and support for Node 17

  • Improved Scala Native for version > 0.4.2 and support Scala 3

  • Internal improvements, fixes and dependency version updates

For details refer to milestone 0.10.0 and the list of commits.

0.10.0-M5 - 2021-12-18

This release breaks binary compatibility for external plugins.

Changes since 0.10.0-M4:

  • Fixed Log4Shell security vulnerability in ZincWorkerModule (CVE-2021-44228)

  • Factored out the testrunner into a new module, which also fixes some potential classloader issues when executing tests (e.g. with JNA)

  • Removed the limitation of max 22 inputs for tasks

  • --watched commands can now re-run when pressing enter-key

  • task and arguments of commands can now have hyphens in their name

  • Reworked and decluttered the out-folder structure

  • prepareOffline now has a all flag to control if all or only some dependency should be prefetched

  • Made caching more effective for targets overridden in stackable-traits

  • Further BSP improvements, esp. for Metals and Scala 3

  • Lots of other internal improvements and fixes

  • Various dependency updates

For details refer to milestone 0.10.0-M5 and the list of commits.

0.10.0-M4 - 2021-11-08

Changes since 0.10.0-M3:

  • BSP support rework and overhaul of built-in BSP server

  • GenIdea: failures when inspecting and resolving the build are not properly reported

  • Coursier: we now implemented a workaround to tackle concurrent downloads issues

  • New + separator to provide multiple targets (with parameters) via cmdline

  • New --import cmdline option to run ad-hoc plugins without editing of build.sc

  • New T.ctx().workspace API to access the project root directory

  • Various internal improvements and bug fixes

  • Various refactorings and cleanups

For details refer to milestone 0.10.0-M4 and the list of commits.

0.10.0-M3 - 2021-09-29

This is a milestone release. This release breaks binary compatibility for external plugins build for mill 0.9.x. The API is suspected to change before a 0.10.0 releae.

Changes since 0.10.0-M2:

  • ScalaModule with PublishModule: the scala-library artifact is now always part of the dependencies in published `pom.xml`s and `ivy.xml`s

  • New JavaModule.mandatoryIvyDeps target to provide essential dependencies like scala-library without forcing the user to call super.ivyDeps

  • ScalaJSModule.scalaLibraryIvyDeps no longer contains the scala-js-library, but only the scala-library; if you need that, use ScalaJSModule.mandatoryIvyDeps instead.

  • import $ivy support $MILL_BIN_PLATFORM variable and a new sort notations for external plugins

  • We fixed and enabled lots of tests to run on Windows

  • Some generic targets like plan or path now also return their output

  • GenIdea: improved support for Scala 3 projects *

For details refer to milestone 0.10.0-M3 and the list of commits.

0.10.0-M2 - 2021-09-17

This is a early milestone release. This release breaks binary compatibility for external plugins build for mill 0.9.x. The API is suspected to change before a 0.10.0 releae.

Changes since 0.9.9:

  • Removed deprecated API

  • ScalaModule: added mandatoryScalacOptions to avoid the common issue that users forget to include mandatory options when defining their own.

  • Renamed toolsClasspath targets found in various modules to avoid hard to resolve clashes when mixing traits

  • Fixed and improved our test suite on Windows

  • Various fixes and improvements

  • Various dependency updates

For details refer to milestone 0.10.0-M2 and the list of commits.

0.9.12 - 2022-01-07

  • fixed parsing of command parameters in show command

  • zinc worker: Updated log4j2 to 2.17.1

For details refer to milestone 0.9.12 and the list of commits.

0.9.11 - 2021-12-15

  • zinc worker: Updated log4j2 to 2.16.0 to fix Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228) vulnerability

For details refer to milestone 0.9.11 and the list of commits.

0.9.10 - 2021-11-13

  • Some feature backports from mill 0.10

  • New + separator to provide multiple targets (with parameters) via cmdline

  • New --import cmdline option to run ad-hoc plugins without editing of build.sc

  • import $ivy support $MILL_BIN_PLATFORM variable and a new sort notations for external plugins

For details refer to milestone 0.9.10 and the list of commits.

0.9.9 - 2021-07-15

Changes since 0.9.8:

  • BSP: Fixed/improved source item for root project

  • Bloop: Prevent compilation during bloop config generation

  • GenIdea: Fix content path of root project (mill-build)

  • Various version bumps

For details refer to milestone 0.9.9 and the list of commits.

0.9.8 - 2021-05-27

Changes since 0.9.7:

  • Fixed some potential binary incompatibilities with external plugins (builds against older os-lib versions)

  • Fixed location and configuration of mills home path (used for caching of build scripts)

  • Properly close jar resources - should fix issues in assembly, esp. on Windows where open resources are locked

  • BSP: Repaired mills BSP server

  • playlib: Fixed issues with the play-contrib module and added support for Play 2.8

  • GenIdea: changed dir for generated mill modules to .idea/mill_modules

  • Various version bumps, including Scala 2.13.5

For details refer to milestone 0.9.8 and the list of commits.

0.9.7 - 2021-05-14

Changes since 0.9.6:

  • ScalaModule: Support for Scala 3

  • CoursierModule: Support customized dependency resolution (needed to work with ScalaFX)

  • TestModule: Added new testFramework target and only support one test framework. Deprecated testFrameworks targets.

  • TestModule: Added new convenience traits to configure popular test frameworks, e.g. TestModule.Junit4, TestModule.ScalaTest, TestModule.Utest and many more

  • Bloop: Added support for foreign modules

  • Better support for Windows environments

  • Various internal improvements, cleanups, and deprecations

  • Various dependencies updates

  • Removed tut contrib module because of unmaintained/archived upstream dependency

For details refer to milestone 0.9.7 and the list of commits.

0.9.6 - 2021-04-03

The mill project home and repository has been moved to https://github.com/com-lihaoyi/mill.

  • repl and console targets now support forkArgs and forkEnv

  • Support for Scala 3 release candidates and new Scaladoc 3 tool

  • Support for Scala.js on Scala 3

  • Scala Native improvements

  • Test runner now uses an args file to support running tests on Windows

  • GenIdea: better supports source jars, full config contributions and provided/runtime dependencies

  • Various dependency updates

  • Documentation site reworked to support multiple release versions

  • Improved CI setup to better test mill on Windows

For details refer to milestone 0.9.6 and the list of commits.

0.9.5 - 2021-01-26

  • Updated zinc to 1.4.4

  • Support for Scala Native 0.4.0

  • Support for Scala.js ESModule (including Bloop support)

  • Inner Tests traits in modules like JavaModule, ScalaModule and others now have unique names (JavaModuleTests, ScalaTests, etc), to allow for easier customization

  • Various version bumps of dependencies

  • CI now runs all tests, it did miss some before

For details refer to milestone 0.9.5 and the list of commits.

0.9.4 - 2020-12-21

  • Implemented more BSP protocol commands and fixed some glitches with IntelliJ

  • Stabilized CI builds

  • Various fixes and improvements

  • Various version bumps

For details refer to milestone 0.9.4 and the list of commits.

0.9.3 - 2020-11-26

(We also tagged 0.9.0, 0.9.1, and 0.9.2, but due to release difficulties, we ask you not to use them.)

  • Replace the built in @main method functionality with the MainArgs library

  • Note that the MainArgs replacement has some backwards incompatibilities: Short flags like -i can no longer be passed via --i, the @doc("") is now @arg(doc = ""), Seq[T] parameters are now passed via repeated --foo flags rather than comma-separated.

  • Add the ability to relocate/shade files in .assembly #947

  • Twirl enhancements #952

  • Add scalacPluginClasspath to Tests #956

  • Add toMap methods to BuildInfo #958

  • Bump coursier to version 2.0.0 #973

  • Make BSP support a first-class citizen #969

  • Omit the suffix in artifactName in cross modules #953

  • Allow test classes with constructor parameters #982

  • Proguard contrib module #972

  • Support Scala.js useECMAScript2015 option and ModuleKind.ESModule #1004

  • Support Scala.js incremental linking #1007

For details refer to milestone 0.9.3 and the list of commits.

0.8.0 - 2020-07-20

  • Bump external dependencies: uPickle 1.2.0, Ammonite 2.2.0, etc.

  • Use default coursier repos (#931)

  • Work around relative paths issue on windows (#936)

  • Support Scala.js versions >1.0.0 (#934)

For details refer to milestone 0.8.0 and the list of commits.

0.7.4 - 2020-07-03

  • new command line options --repl and --no-server, deprecated --interactive option

  • Support for Scala.js 1.1

  • Fixed missing source maps for Scala.js 1.0 and 1.1

  • Improved BSP contrib module

For details refer to milestone 0.7.4 and the list of commits.


For details refer to milestone 0.7.3 and the list of commits.

0.7.2 - 2020-05-19

For details refer to milestone 0.7.2 and the list of commits.

0.7.1 - 2020-05-17

For details refer to milestone 0.7.1 and the list of commits.

0.7.0 - 2020-05-15

  • Greatly improved parallel builds via -j <n>/--jobs <n>, with better scheduling and utilization of multiple cores

  • build.sc files now uses Scala 2.13.2

  • Avoid duplicate target resolution with mill resolve __

  • Add ability to pass GPG arguments to publish via --gpgArgs

  • -w/--watch now works for T.source targets

For details refer to milestone 0.7.0 and the list of commits.

0.6.3 - 2020-05-10

  • Finished incomplete support to publish extra artifacts to IVY repositories (publishLocal)

  • Improved Sonatype uploads

  • GenIdea: improvements for shared source dirs and skipped modules

  • ScoverageModule: Some refactorings to allow better customization

  • More robust classpath handling under Windows

For details refer to milestone 0.6.3 and the list of commits.

0.6.2 - 2020-04-22

  • Mill can now execute targets in parallel. This is experimental and need to be enabled with --jobs <n> option.

  • PublishModule: new publishM2Local to publish into local Maven repositories

  • PublishModule: enhanced publishLocal to specify to ivy repository location

  • Windows: Fixed windows launcher and more robust classpath handling

  • ScalaNativeModule: improved compiling and linking support

  • new contrib module VersionFile

  • Dependency: improved dependency update checker and expose results for programmatic use

  • ǹew contrib module Bintray

  • ǹew contrib module Artifactory

  • fixed testCached support in various modules

  • GenIdea: improvements, esp. related to source jars

For details refer to milestone 0.6.2 and the list of commits.

0.6.1 - 2020-02-24

  • Bugfix: Mill now no longer leaks open files (version bump to uPickle 1.0.0)

  • New --version option

  • Added Support for Scala.js 1.0.0+

  • Added Support for Scala Native 0.4.0-M2

  • JavaModule: Enhanced ivyDepsTree to optionally include compile-time and runtime-time dependencies

  • JavaModule: allSourceFiles no longer include Scala sources

  • JavaModule: assembly supports configurable separator when merging resources

  • ScoverageModule: respect unmanagedClasspath, added console reporter

  • ScalaPBModule: added more configuration options

  • Bloop: Fixed inconsistent working directory when executing tests via bloop (forces -Duser.dir when generating bloop config)

For details refer to milestone 0.6.1 and the list of commits.

0.6.0 - 2020-01-20

  • Support for METALS 0.8.0 in VSCode

For details refer to milestone 0.6.0 and the list of commits.

0.5.9 - 2020-01-14

  • Bump library versions again

  • Alias T.ctx. functions to T.: T.dest, T.log, etc.

  • Bump Mill’s client-connect-to-server timeout, to reduce flakiness when the server is taking a moment to start up

For details refer to the list of commits.

Version 0.5.8 has some binary compatibility issues in requests-scala/geny and should not be used.

0.5.7 - 2019-12-28

  • Bump library versions: Ammonite 2.0.1, uPickle 0.9.6, Scalatags 0.8.3, OS-Lib 0.6.2, Requests 0.4.7, Geny 0.4.2

For details refer to milestone 0.5.7 and the list of commits.

0.5.5 / 0.5.6 - 2019-12-20

(we skipped version 0.5.4 as we had some publishing issues)

  • Bump library versions: Ammonite 1.9.2, uPickle 0.9.0, Scalatags 0.8.2, OS-Lib 0.5.0, Requests 0.3.0, Geny 0.2.0, uTest 0.7.1

  • Fixed a long standing issue that output of sub-processes are only shown when -i option was used. Now, you will always seen output of sub-process.

  • Mill now properly restarts it’s server after it’s version has changed

  • PublishModule: added ability to publish into non-staging repositories

  • ScalaPBModule: added extra include path option

For details refer to milestone 0.5.5 and the list of commits.

0.5.3 - 2019-12-07

  • GenIdea/idea: improved support for generated sources and use/download sources in more cases

  • ScalaJS: improvements and support for ScalaJS 0.6.29+ and 1.0.1.RC1

  • Introduced new CoursierModule to use dependency management independent from a compiler

  • ScoverageModule: better handling of report directories

  • ScalaPBModule: more configuration options

  • various other fixes and improvements

For details refer to milestone 0.5.3 and the list of commits.

0.5.2 - 2019-10-17

  • TestModule: new `testCached`target, which only re-runs tests after relevant changes

  • TestModule.test: fixed issue when stacktraces have no filename info

  • Dependency/updates: fixed issue with reading stale dependencies

  • GenIdea/idea: no longer shared output directories between mill and IntelliJ IDEA

  • support for Dotty >= 0.18.1

  • Fixed backwards compatibility of mill wrapper script

  • Mill now support the Build Server Protocol 2.0 (BSP) and can act as a build server

  • bloop: removed semanticDB dependency

  • Documentation updates

For details refer to milestone 0.5.2 and the list of commits.

0.5.1 - 2019-09-05

  • GenIdea: Bug fixes

  • GenIdea: Support for module specific extensions (Facets) and additional config files

  • Add ability to define JAR manifests

  • Dotty support: Updates and support for binary compiler bridges

  • Ivy: improved API to create optional dependendies

  • Interpolate $MILL_VERSION in ivy imports

  • Zinc: Fixed logger output

  • Scoverage: Upgrade to Scoverage 1.4.0

  • Flyway: Upgrade to Flyway 6.0.1

  • Bloop: Updated semanticDB version to 4.2.2

  • Documentation updates

  • Improved robustness in release/deployment process

For details refer to milestone 0.5.1 and the list of commits.

0.5.0 - 2019-08-08

  • Mill now supports a ./mill bootstrap script, allowing a project to pin the version of Mill it requires, as well as letting contributors use ./mill …​ to begin development without needing to install Mill beforehand.

  • Support for a .mill-version file or MILL_VERSION environment variable for Overriding Mill Versions

  • Fix scoverage: inherit repositories from outer project #645

0.4.2 - 2019-06-30

  • Improvements to IntelliJ project generation #616

  • Allow configuration of Scala.js' JsEnv #628

0.4.1 - 2019-06-13

  • Fixes for scala native test suites without test frameworks #627

  • Fix publication of artifacts by increasing sonatype timeouts

  • Bug fixes for Scoverage integration #623

0.4.0 - 2019-05-20

  • Publish compileIvyDeps as provided scope (535)

  • Added contrib modules to integrate Bloop, Flyway, Play Framework, Scoverage

  • Allow configuration of GPG key names when publishing (530)

  • Bump Ammonite version to 1.6.7, making Requests-Scala available to use in your build.sc

  • Support for Scala 2.13.0-RC2

  • ScalaFmt support now uses the version specified in .scalafmt.conf

0.3.6 - 2019-01-17

  • Started to splitting out mill.api from mill.core

  • Avoid unnecessary dependency downloading by providing fetches per cache policy

  • Added detailed dependency download progress to the progress ticker

  • Fixed internal code generator to support large projects

  • Zinc worker: compiler bridge can be either pre-compiled or on-demand-compiled

  • Zinc worker: configurable scala library/compiler jar discovery

  • Zinc worker: configurable compiler cache supporting parallelism

  • Version bumps: ammonite 1.6.0, scala 2.12.8, zinc 1.2.5

  • Mill now by default fails fast, so in case a build tasks fails, it exits immediately

  • Added new -k/--keep-going commandline option to disable fail fast behaviour and continue build as long as possible in case of a failure

0.3.5 - 2018-11-18

  • Bump uPickle to 0.7.1

0.3.4 - 2018-11-06

  • Mill is now bundled with OS-Lib, providing a simpler way of dealing with filesystem APIs and subprocesses

0.3.3 - 2018-11-02

  • Added new debug method to context logger, to log additional debug info into the task specific output dir (out/<task>/log)

  • Added --debug option to enable debug output to STDERR

  • Fix ScalaModule#docJar task when Scala minor versions differ 475

0.3.2 - 2018-10-19

  • Automatically detect main class to make ScalaModule#assembly self-executable

0.3.0 - 2018-10-19

  • Bump Ammonite to 1.3.2, Fastparse to 2.0.4

  • Sped up ScalaModule#docJar task by about 10x, greatly speeding up publishing

  • Add a flag JavaModule#skipIdea you can override to disable Intellij project generation #458

  • Allow sub-domains when publishing #441

0.2.8 - 2018-09-21

  • mill inspect now displays out the doc-comment documentation for a task.

  • Avoid shutdown hook failures in tests #422

  • Ignore unreadable output files rather than crashing #423

  • Don’t compile hidden files #428

0.2.7 - 2018-08-27

  • Add visualizePlan command

  • Basic build-info plugin in mill-contrib-buildinfo

  • ScalaPB integration in mill-contrib-scalapblib

  • Fixes for Twirl support, now in mill-contrib-twirllib

  • Support for building Dotty projects #397

  • Allow customization of run/runBackground working directory via forkWorkingDir

  • Reduced executable size, improved incremental compilation in #414

0.2.6 - 2018-07-30

  • Improve incremental compilation to work with transitive module dependencies

  • Speed up hot compilation performance by properly re-using classloaders

  • Speed up compilation time of build.sc files by removing duplicate macro generated routing code

0.2.5 - 2018-07-22

  • Add .runBackground and .runMainBackground commands, to run something in the background without waiting for it to return. The process will keep running until it exits normally, or until the same .runBackground command is run a second time to spawn a new version of the process. Can be used with -w for auto-reloading of long-running servers.

  • Scala-Native support. Try it out!

  • Add --disable-ticker to reduce spam in CI

  • Fix propagation of --color flag

0.2.4 - 2018-07-07

  • Fix resolution of scala-{library,compiler,reflect} in case of conflict

  • Allow configuration of JavaModule and ScalafmtModule scala workers

  • Allow hyphens in module and task names

  • Fix publishing of ScalaJS modules to properly handle upstream ScalaJS dependencies

0.2.3 - 2018-06-03

  • Added the mill show visualize command, making it easy to visualize the relationships between various tasks and modules in your Mill build.

  • Improve Intellij support (351): better jump-to-definition for third-party libraries, no longer stomping over manual configuration, and better handling of import $ivy in your build file.

  • Support for un-signed publishing and cases where your GPG key has no passphrase (346)

  • Basic support for Twirl, Play Framework’s templating language (271)

  • Better performance for streaming large amounts of stdout from Mill’s daemon process.

  • Allow configuration of append/exclude rules in ScalaModule#assembly (309)

0.2.2 - 2018-05-20

  • Preserve caches when transitioning between -i/--interactive and the fast client/server mode (329)

  • Keep Mill daemon running if you Ctrl-C during -w/--watch mode (327)

  • Allow mill version to run without a build file (328)

  • Make docJar (and thus publishing) robust against scratch files in the source directories (334) and work with Scala compiler options (336)

  • Allow passing Ammonite command-line options to the foo.repl command (333)

  • Add mill clean (315) to easily delete the Mill build caches for specific targets

  • Improve IntelliJ integration of `MavenModule`s/`SbtModule`s' test folders (298)

  • Avoid showing useless stack traces when foo.test result-reporting fails or foo.run fails

  • ScalaFmt support (308)

  • Allow ScalaModule#generatedSources to allow single files (previous you could only pass in directories)

0.2.0 - 2018-04-10

  • Universal (combined batch/sh) script generation for launcher, assembly, and release (#264)

  • Windows client/server improvements (#262)

  • Windows repl support (note: MSYS2 subsystem/shell will be supported when jline3 v3.6.3 is released)

  • Fixed Java 9 support

  • Remove need for running publishAll using --interactive when on OSX and your GPG key has a passphrase

  • First-class support for `JavaModule`s

  • Properly pass compiler plugins to Scaladoc (#282)

  • Support for ivy version-pinning via ivy"…​".forceVersion()

  • Support for ivy excludes via ivy"…​".exclude() (#254)

  • Make ivyDepsTree properly handle transitive dependencies (#226)

  • Fix handling of runtime-scoped ivy dependencies (#173)

  • Make environment variables available to Mill builds (#257)

  • Support ScalaCheck test runner (#286)

  • Support for using Typelevel Scala (#275)

  • If a module depends on multiple submodules with different versions of an ivy dependency, only one version is resolved (#273)

0.1.7 - 2018-03-26

  • Support for non-interactive (client/server) mode on Windows.

  • More fixes for Java 9

  • Bumped the Mill daemon timeout from 1 minute to 5 minutes of inactivity before it shuts down.

  • Avoid leaking Node.js subprocesses when running ScalaJSModule tests

  • Passing command-line arguments with spaces in them to tests no longer parses wrongly

  • ScalaModule#repositories, scalacPluginIvyDeps, scalacOptions, javacOptions are now automatically propagated to Tests modules

  • ScalaJSModule linking errors no longer show a useless stack trace

  • ScalaModule#docJar now properly uses the compileClasspath rather than runClasspath

  • Bumped underlying Ammonite version to 1.1.0, which provides the improved Windows and Java 9 support

0.1.6 - 2018-03-13

  • Fixes for non-interactive (client/server) mode on Java 9

  • Windows batch (.bat) generation for launcher, assembly, and release

0.1.5 - 2018-03-13

  • Introduced the mill plan foo.bar command, which shows you what the execution plan of running the foo.bar task looks like without actually evaluating it.

  • Mill now generates an out/mill-profile.json file containing task-timings, to make it easier to see where your mill evaluation time is going

  • Introduced ScalaModule#ivyDepsTree command to show dependencies tree

  • Rename describe to inspect for consistency with SBT

  • mill resolve now prints results sorted alphabetically

  • Node.js configuration can be customised with ScalaJSModule#nodeJSConfig

  • Scala.js fullOpt now uses Google Closure Compiler after generating the optimized Javascript output

  • Scala.js now supports NoModule and CommonJSModule module kinds

  • Include compileIvyDeps when generating IntelliJ projects

  • Fixed invalid POM generation

  • Support for Java 9 (and 10)

  • Fixes for Windows support

  • Fixed test classes discovery by skipping interfaces

  • Include "optional" artifacts in dependency resolution if they exist

  • out/{module_name} now added as a content root in generated IntelliJ project

0.1.4 - 2018-03-04

  • Speed up Mill client initialization by another 50-100ms

  • Speed up incremental `assembly`s in the common case where upstream dependencies do not change.

  • Make ScalaJSModule#run work with main-method discovery

  • Make ScalaWorkerModule user-defineable, so you can use your own custom coursier resolvers when resolving Mill’s own jars

  • Simplify definitions of SCM strings

  • Make the build REPL explicitly require -i/--interactive to run

  • Log a message when Mill is initializing the Zinc compiler interface

0.1.3 - 2018-02-26

  • Greatly reduced the overhead of evaluating Mill tasks, with a warm already-cached mill dev.launcher now taking ~450ms instead of ~1000ms

  • Mill now saves compiled build files in ~/.mill/ammonite, which is configurable via the --home CLI arg.

  • Fixed linking of multi-module Scala.js projects

0.1.2 - 2018-02-25

  • Mill now keeps a long-lived work-daemon around in between commands; this should improve performance of things like compile which benefit from the warm JVM. You can use -i/--interactive for interactive consoles/REPLs and for running commands without the daemon

  • Implemented the ScalaModule#launcher target for easily creating command-line launchers you can run outside of Mill

  • ScalaModule#docJar no longer fails if you don’t have scala-compiler on classpath

  • Support for multiple testFrameworks in a test module.

0.1.1 - 2018-02-19

  • Fixes for foo.console

  • Enable Ammonite REPL integration via foo.repl

0.1.0 - 2018-02-18

  • First public release

More Repositories



Scala Scripting


Writing Fast Parsers Fast in Scala


ScalaTags is a small XML/HTML construction library for Scala.


uPickle: a simple, fast, dependency-free JSON & Binary (MessagePack) serialization library for Scala


A Scala port of the popular Python Requests HTTP client: flexible, intuitive, and straightforward to use.


OS-Lib is a simple, flexible, high-performance Scala interface to common OS filesystem and subprocess APIs


Scala library providing "source" metadata to your program, similar to Python's __name__, C++'s __LINE__ or Ruby's __FILE__.


Cask: a Scala HTTP micro-framework


A simple testing framework for Scala


Acyclic is a Scala compiler plugin to let you prohibit circular dependencies between files


Scala/Scala.js library for manipulating Fancy Ansi colored strings


Pretty-printing value, types and type-signatures in Scala


A small, convenient, dependency-free library for command-line argument parsing in Scala


Query SQL databases from Scala via concise, type-safe, and familiar case classes and collection operations. Supports Postgres, MySql, H2, and Sqlite out of the box


Castor is a lightweight, typed Actor library for Scala and Scala.js


Provides the geny.Generator data type, the dual to a scala.Iterator that can ensure resource cleanup




Giter8 template for a Mill project with a Scala Hello App


Scalac compiler plugin to support Mill modules