Awesome R Html Widgets

  • updated over 2 years ago Other

    Alluvial diagrams

  • updated 3 months ago Other

    Graph and network visualization using tabular data in R

  • updated 3 months ago Other

    R interface to dygraphs

  • updated 4 months ago Other

    🐳 ECharts 5 for R

  • updated 5 months ago Other

    Formattable Data Structures

  • ggpage ggpage 326
    updated about 5 years ago Other

    Creates Page Layout Visualizations in R 📄📄📄

  • ggvis ggvis 709
    updated over 1 year ago Other

    Interactive grammar of graphics for R

  • updated 2 months ago

    Interactive Heat Maps for R Using plotly

  • updated 3 months ago Other

    R wrapper for highcharts

  • updated 3 months ago Other

    HTML Widgets for R

  • updated 6 months ago Other

    Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print

  • rCharts rCharts 1,189
    updated over 7 years ago Other

    Interactive JS Charts from R

  • updated almost 2 years ago Other

    Three.js widgets for R and shiny

  • updated 4 months ago

    R scatter plot htmlwidget based on D3.js

  • updated 17 days ago Other

    🗯️ Easily create pretty popup messages (modals) in Shiny

  • updated 18 days ago Other

    💡 Easily improve the user experience of your Shiny apps in seconds

  • updated over 4 years ago Other

    Various UI widgets/components not part of Shiny e.g. alerts, styled buttons

  • updated 27 days ago GNU General Publi...

    shinyWidgets : Extend widgets available in shiny

  • updated over 3 years ago Other

    Σ sigma.js for R

  • updated 10 months ago Other

    📅 Create interactive timeline visualizations in R

  • updated 2 months ago Other

    R package, using vis.js library for network visualization

  • updated over 2 years ago

    R interface to wordcloud for data visualization.