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Repository Details

Collection of Jenkins Pipeline shared libraries for common DevOps software.

Jenkins DevOps Shared Libraries

A collection of Jenkins Pipeline shared libraries for common DevOps software. Usage and dependencies for each can be found in the documentation.

Unsure how to use these in your declarative syntax Jenkinsfile? Check the declarative Jenkinsfile shared library documentation.

Additionally, you can pare down the libraries available from this repo and then load those in yourself from your own git repo or otherwise.

Note also that a library will not be developed to compete against a good existing plugin (e.g. Ansible), or a good existing library (e.g. Fabric8). These and any future libraries will exist to fill a gap in the existence of a good Jenkins Pipeline plugin or library for a software tool.

Retrieve and use with Disabled Sandbox

Basically, if you have the GitHub Branch Source plugin installed, then you can load a specific version like:

@Library('github.com/mschuchard/jenkins-devops-libs@<branch or tag>')_

If you do not have this plugin installed, or want more flexibility over the version used, then you can use or expand upon this class:

  identifier: 'jenkins-devops-libs@<branch or tag>',
  retriever:   modernSCM(
    [$class:  'GitSCMSource',
     remote:  'https://github.com/mschuchard/jenkins-devops-libs.git']

Note that this latter example is also useful for circumventing Github API rate limit issues.

Use with Enabled Sandbox

Basically, you need to first add the shared library in the Jenkins global configuration. Then, you can either load the library's methods with:

@Library('jenkins-devops-libs@<branch or tag>')_

or using the defaults with:



2.0.0 Breaking Changes

Note the following breaking changes for new major version 2.0.0:

  • All publicly accessible global variable methods and their associated parameters have been converted to camelCase to adhere to standard Groovy convention.
  • The old DSL for Jenkines Pipeline global variable methods which accepted Closure type inputs is no longer supported. Usage will need to be updated to the new DSL with Map type inputs.
  • Global variable methods for software installation and configuration are removed. Users should migrate to build agents managed with software provisioning, configuration management, and/or containerization.


These libraries will eventually be ported to other pipeline software so that these pipeline platforms will also be enabled for the same tools supported here. These include (in order of priority):

  • Github Actions
  • CircleCI
  • Concourse

Note that currently Travis and GitlabCI do not support pipeline libraries in the same sense as Jenkins and the pipeline software listed above.


Code should pass all acceptance tests. New features should involve new acceptance tests.

Please consult the GitHub Project for the current development roadmap.