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Repository Details

Ehcache 3.x line

The Ehcache 3.x line is currently the development line.

Status of the build:

Build Status

For more information, you might want to go check the wiki.

Getting started with the Ehcache 3.x API

For samples, documentation, and usage information, please see http://ehcache.org.

Current release

We released 3.9.0 on August 25th 2020.

The release notes contain the links to the artifacts and the documentation to help you get started.

You should consider upgrading to 3.9.x as it does all previous 3.x do and more with a fully compatible API.

Current development & next release

We released the missing features of the clustering tier of Ehcache 3 in 3.7.0.

Starting with version 3.5, Ehcache only supports Java 8 and later.

Version 3.5 is now in maintenance mode. We are no longer planning to perform release of earlier versions.

See the milestones on GitHub for more details on the current status.


With great pleasure! Have a look at our Contributing policy.

Reporting issues

Oh no! We have no bugs! (but if we really do, see details for reporting here).