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Sample project files for JavaCPP, JavaCPP Presets, and JavaCV

Sample Projects


To help you get started faster with either JavaCPP, JavaCPP Presets, or JavaCV, we offer in this repository various small sample project files. They come in all shapes and forms, including simple build files for Maven, Gradle, or sbt, and can target applications of any scale under platforms ranging from Android to Hadoop and Spark, passing by Eclipse RCP, NetBeans, Spring, Tomcat, etc.

This collection relies on the community to grow, so your participation is highly welcome. To have new project files added, simply send us a pull request. For practical reasons, each sample project should be placed into its own directory, whose name ideally follows the artifact naming conventions set by Maven.

Thank you for your interest!

Project lead: Samuel Audet samuel.audet at gmail.com
Developer site: https://github.com/bytedeco/sample-projects
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