Awesome R Other Tools

  • BRRR BRRR 189
    updated almost 5 years ago

    Rap adlibs in R.

  • updated 7 months ago Other

    Reduce the size of model objects saved to disk

  • updated about 2 months ago MIT License

    Ready to print calendars with ggplot2

  • updated almost 2 years ago

    Install R packages from snapshots on checkpoint-server

  • updated 7 months ago GNU General Publi...
  • updated 6 months ago Other

    Display Idiomatic Code to Construct Most R Objects

  • covr covr 328
    updated 11 days ago Other

    Test coverage reports for R

  • devtools devtools 2,312
    updated 4 months ago Other

    Tools to make an R developer's life easier

  • drake drake 1,329
    updated 6 months ago GNU General Publi...

    An R-focused pipeline toolkit for reproducibility and high-performance computing

  • updated 9 months ago Other

    πŸ”‘ Password protected markdown html reports in R using libsodium

  • flow flow 368
    updated 5 months ago Other

    View and Browse Code Using Flow Diagrams

  • updated over 1 year ago GNU General Publi...

    Create Generative Art with R

  • git2r git2r 204
    updated 7 months ago GNU General Publi...

    R bindings to the libgit2 library

  • updated 6 months ago Other

    Grouped dates in R

  • here here 387
    updated about 1 month ago Other

    A simpler way to find your files

  • updated about 1 year ago

    Functions for installing softwares from within R

  • janitor janitor 1,304
    updated 30 days ago Other

    simple tools for data cleaning in R

  • mailR mailR 189
    updated over 2 years ago

    A utility to send emails from the R programming environment

  • ps ps 71
    updated 8 months ago Other

    R package to query, list, manipulate system processes

  • psutil psutil 9,637
    updated 22 days ago BSD 3-Clause "New...

    Cross-platform lib for process and system monitoring in Python

  • updated about 2 years ago Other

    Send push notifications in R using Pushover

  • r-pkgs r-pkgs 765
    updated 2 months ago Other

    Building R packages

  • updated about 1 year ago GNU General Publi...

    Automated Detection of Regular Expression Patterns

  • rvest rvest 1,418
    updated 3 months ago Other

    Simple web scraping for R

  • updated almost 2 years ago Other

    πŸ” Secure sharing of sensitive information in R packages

  • updated 28 days ago GNU General Publi...

    Print Session Information

  • seurat seurat 1,973
    updated 21 days ago Other

    R toolkit for single cell genomics

  • updated 6 months ago

    A spellchecker for statistics

  • styler styler 657
    updated 7 days ago Other

    Non-invasive pretty printing of R code