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Rap adlibs in R.


Let Gucci Mane tell you when your script is done.

Have you ever wanted to know - and celebrate - when your simulations are finally done running in R? Have you ever been so proud of pulling of a tricky bit of code that you wanted Flavor Flav to yell "yeaaahhhh, boi!!" as soon as it successfully completes? Have you ever gotten an error message that felt like DJ Khaled yelling, "They don't wanna see us win!"

Probably not, but you might now. And now, with BRRR, you can.


BRRR is available on Github and can be installed from within R by running:

if(!require(devtools)) {install.packages("devtools")}


If you are using Windows or OS X BRRR relies on the audio package for sound playback and no external program is needed.

If you're on Linux BRRR relies on you having either the paplay utility from the Pulse Audio system, the aplay utility from the ALSA system or VLC media player installed and on the PATH. Chances are that you alread have one of these. If you are on Debian/Ubuntu you can otherwise get VLC by running the following in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install vlc


Inspired by and building from Rasmus BΓ₯Γ₯th's magnificent beepr package, BRRR has one function - skrrrahh(), which plays a rap adlib when it is called. It is useful if you have a script that takes a while to run, and want to be notified when it is finished. The package currently includes 52 different sounds from 34 artists, the majority of which are pulled from The Rap Board by LP Riel.

The default sound is, appropriately, "BRRR", by Gucci Mane. The package also features two other iconic Guwop sounds: "'S GUCCI" (skrrrahh(26)) and "YEAAAHHH" (skrrrahh(28)). Gucci's glow up is a daily inspiration in 2017, and BRRR would not be icey without him.

(skrrrahh() is spelled with three R's and two H's, according to the canonical Genius.com. I will not budge on this.)


skrrrahh(sound = 26)


sound character string or number specifying what sound to be played by either specifying one of the built in sounds or specifying the path to a wav file. The default is 27. Possible sounds are:

## [1] "twochainz"  "twochainz1" "bigboi"     "biggie"    
## [5] "bigsean"    "bigsean1"   "bigsean2"   "bigsean3"  
## [9] "bigsean4"   "bigsean5"   "bigshaq"    "bigshaq1"  
## [13] "birdman"    "birdman1"   "birdman2"   "busta"     
## [17] "chance"     "desiigner"  "diddy"      "drake"     
## [21] "drake1"     "drummaboy"  "fetty"      "flava"     
## [25] "future"     "gucci"      "gucci1"     "gucci2"    
## [29] "jayz"       "jayz1"      "kendrick"   "khaled"    
## [33] "khaled1"    "khaled2"    "khaled3"    "liljon"    
## [37] "liljon1"    "nicki"      "pitbull"    "ross"      
## [41] "ross1"      "schoolboy"  "snoop"      "soulja"    
## [45] "takeoff"    "tpain"      "traviscott" "treysongz" 
## [49] "trick"      "waka"       "weezy"      "yg"        

If sound does not match any of the sounds above, a number between 1 and 52, or a valid http path to a .wav file, a random sound will be played.


# Play a random rap adlib.

# Update all packages and have Big Sean yell "Whoa Dere" when it is ready.  
update.packages(ask=FALSE); skrrrahh(10)

# Change your options to have DJ Khaled console you everytime you hit an error
# message.
options(error = function() {skrrrahh(34)})

# The ting goes: 

Abridged Index

The ting goes SKRRRAHH: skrrrahh("bigshaq") or skrrrahh(11)

Various "Yeah Bois":

  • Flavor Flav skrrrahh("flava")
  • Drumma Boy: skrrrahh("drummaboy") or skrrrahh(22)

Whistles and Bird Calls:

  • Two Chainz: skrrrahh(2) OR skrrrahh("twochainz1")
  • BirdMan: skrrrahh(13) OR skrrrahh("birdman") AND skrrrahh(14) OR skrrrahh("birdman1")

Big Sean Doing The Most:

  • Boi: skrrrahh(6) OR skrrrahh("bigsean")
  • Do it: skrrrahh(7) OR skrrrahh("bigsean1")
  • Stop: skrrrahh(9) OR skrrrahh("bigsean3")
  • Whoa Dere: skrrrahh(10) OR skrrrahh("bigsean4")
  • Oh God: skrrrahh(8) OR skrrrahh("bigsean2")


Inserting new sounds into the list of sounds will change the numerical references. If you have a new sound you want to add, please add it to the end of the list so the docs don't have to change every time someone makes a PR.