Awesome R Graphic Displays

  • updated 8 months ago

    A gallery of animations in statistics and utilities to create animations

  • updated about 1 year ago Other

    A visual exploratory tool on correlation matrix

  • updated 8 months ago

    Extending R's Dendrogram Functionality

  • updated 11 months ago

    Tools for using fonts in R graphics

  • ggalt ggalt 641
    updated 7 months ago Other

    🌎 Extra Coordinate Systems, Geoms, Statistical Transformations & Scales for 'ggplot2'

  • updated about 1 year ago

    Visualization of a correlation matrix using ggplot2

  • updated 8 months ago Other

    Define fortify and autoplot functions to allow ggplot2 to handle some popular R packages.

  • ggraph ggraph 996
    updated 4 months ago Other

    Grammar of Graph Graphics

  • ggrepel ggrepel 1,140
    updated about 2 months ago GNU General Publi...

    📍 Repel overlapping text labels away from each other in your ggplot2 figures.

  • updated 6 months ago GNU General Publi...

    Ridgeline plots in ggplot2

  • updated 5 months ago GNU General Publi...

    Enhancing {ggplot2} plots with statistical analysis 📊📣

  • ggtech ggtech 375
    updated over 4 years ago

    ggplot2 tech themes, scales, and geoms

  • updated about 1 year ago Other

    🔏 Opinionated, typographic-centric ggplot2 themes and theme components

  • httpgd httpgd 284
    updated 9 months ago GNU General Publi...

    Asynchronous http server graphics device for R.

  • updated over 1 year ago

    Interactive Dendrograms

  • updated about 1 month ago Other

    Trellis Graphics for R

  • patchwork patchwork 2,284
    updated 29 days ago Other

    The Composer of ggplots

  • updated 7 months ago

    Using Fonts More Easily in R Graphs

  • waffle waffle 747
    updated 2 months ago

    🍁 Make waffle (square pie) charts in R