Awesome Lua Game Engines

  • anim8 anim8 641
    updated almost 2 years ago MIT License

    An animation library for LΓ–VE

  • easing easing 153
    updated almost 6 years ago Other

    Easing functions implemented in lua (Functions from )

  • gamera gamera 225
    updated over 2 years ago MIT License

    A camera system for LΓ–VE

  • hump hump 992
    updated about 1 year ago

    LΓ–VE Helper Utilities for Massive Progression

  • updated 3 months ago MIT License

    Human-readable representation of Lua tables

  • knife knife 389
    updated about 5 years ago MIT License

    A collection of useful micro-modules for Lua.

  • updated 9 months ago MIT License

    Object-orientation for Lua