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FlexyPool adds metrics and failover strategies to a given Connection Pool, allowing it to resize on demand.

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The FlexyPool library adds metrics and flexible strategies to a given Connection Pool, allowing it to resize on demand. This is very handy since most connection pools offer a limited set of dynamic configuration strategies.

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Who uses FlexyPool

ToroDB Stampede is a replication and mapping technology allowing you to mirror a MongoDB database in a SQL database.

ToroDB Stampede exposes multiple metrics using JMX, some of them are custom metrics and other are metrics offered by third party products like Flexy-pool.

Etuovi is the leading real estate portal in Finland.

New Etuovi.com has used FlexyPool in production since early 2014.
The library has proven to be reliable and allows our infrastructure to handle temporary spikes much better. We use it everywhere in our stack, ranging from our frontends to the backend services.
-- Antti Koivisto, Software Architect, Etuovi.com

Scentbird is a website that allows its subscribers to try hundreds of designer fragrances at very affordable prices.

We have tried FlexyPool in Scentbird, after one week of intensive testing we decided switch it to FlexyPool and HikariCP in production mode, and everything works very robust and fast, we so happy about that!
Thank you for this library.
-- Andrey Rebrov, CTO, Scentbird