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Pure Lua Crypto


PLC - Pure Lua Crypto

A small collection of crpytographic functions, and related utilities, implemented in pure Lua (version 5.3 or above)

Recent changes

May 2023

  • Added Ascon-128. Ascon offers authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD), hash, XOF, MAC and PRF. Ascon has won the NIST Lightweight Cryptography competition (2023) and the CAESAR competition (2019) for lightweight authenticated encryption.

December 2018

  • Added XChaCha20 encryption (in plc/chacha20.lua)

October 2018

April 2018

  • Added Morus, a finalist (round 4) in the CAESAR competition for authenticated encryption.

  • Adding Gimli, cryptographic functions based on the Gimli permutation (Dan Bernstein et al., 2017, https://gimli.cr.yp.to/). Work in progress - at the moment, only the core permutation has been implemented.

  • Added Base85, including the ZeroMQ variant of Ascii85 encoding.

December 2017

  • Added SipHash, a very fast pseudorandom function (or keyed hash) optimized for speed on short messages. It can be used as a MAC and has been extensively used as a robust string hash function, as a defense against hash-flooding DoS attacks.

August 2017

June 2017

  • Added MD5.


Collect in one place standalone implementation of well-known, and/or useful, and/or interesting cryptographic algorithms.

Users should be able to pickup any file and just drop it in their project:

  • All the files are written in pure Lua, version 5.3 and above (tested on 5.3.4). Lua 5.3 is required since bit operators and string pack/unpack are extensively used.

  • The files should not require any third-party library or C extension beyond the standard Lua 5.3 library.

  • The files should not define any global. When required, they should just return a table with the algorithm's functions and constants.

Contributions, fixes, bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

What this collection is not:

  • a complete, structured cryptographic library - no promise is made about consistent API structure and documentation. This is not a library - just a collection of hopefully useful snippets of crypto source code.

  • high performance, heavy-duty cryptographic implementations -- after all, this is pure Lua... :-)

  • memory-efficient implementations (see above)

  • memory-safe algorithms -- Lua immutable strings are used and garbage-collected as needed. No guarantee is made that information, and in particular key material, is properly erased when no longer needed or do not leak.



  • Morus, an amazingly fast (see performance below) authenticated encryption algorithm with associated data (AEAD). Morus is a finalist (round 4) in the CAESAR competition - see https://personal.ntu.edu.sg/wuhj/research/caesar/caesar.html

  • NORX, a very fast authenticated encryption algorithm with associated data (AEAD). NORX is a 3rd-round candidate to CAESAR. This Lua code implements the default NORX 64-4-1 variant (state is 16 64-bit words, four rounds, no parallel execution, key and nonce are 256 bits) - see https://github.com/norx/resources

  • NORX32, a variant of NORX intended for smaller architectures (32-bit and less). Key and nonce are 128 bits. (Note that this NORX32 Lua implementation is half as fast as the default 64-bit NORX. It is included here only for compatibility with other implementations - In Lua, use the default NORX implementation!)

  • Rabbit, a fast stream cipher, selected in the eSTREAM portfolio along with Salsa20, and defined in RFC 4503 (128-bit key, 64-bit IV - see more information and links in rabbit.lua)

  • Chacha20, Poly1305 and authenticated stream encryption, as defined in RFC 7539, and XChacha20 stream encryption (Chacha20 with a 24-byte nonce)

  • Salsa20, a fast encryption algorithm and the NaCl secretbox() API for authenticated encryption (with Salsa20 and Poly1305 - see box.lua) Salsa20, Poly1305 and the NaCl library have been designed by Dan Bernstein, Tanja Lange et al. http://nacl.cr.yp.to/.

  • RC4 - for lightweight, low strength encryption. Can also be used as a simple pseudo-random number generator.

Public key

  • Elliptic curve cryptography based on curve ec25519 by Dan Bernstein, Tanja Lange et al., http://nacl.cr.yp.to/. File ec25519.lua includes the core scalar multiplication operation. File box.lua includes the NaCl box() API which combines ECDH key exchange and authenticated encryption.


  • Blake2b - Blake was a final round candidate in the NIST SHA-3 selection process. Blake2b is an improved version of Blake. See https://blake2.net/. It has been specified in RFC 7693

  • SHA2 cryptographic hash family (sha256 and sha512)

  • SHA3 cryptographic hash family (formerly known as Keccak - 256-bit and 512-bit versions)

  • SipHash, a keyed hash function family optimized for speed on short messages, by Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Dan Bernstein. The variant implemented here is the default SipHash-2-4.

  • MD5, as specified in RFC 1321

  • Non-cryptographic checksums (CRC-32, Adler-32), ...

Some (un)related utilities:

  • Base64, Base58, Base85 (Z85, the ZeroMQ variant of Ascii85) and Hex encoding/decoding.

In the future...

Implementations that may come some day:

  • Ed25519 signature

  • better documentation in each file :-)


These crude numbers give an idea of the relative performance of the algorithms. They correspond to the encryption or the hash of a 10 MB string (10 * 1024 * 1024 bytes).

They have been collected on a laptop with Linux x86_64, CPU i5 M430 @ 2.27 GHz. Lua version is 5.3.4 (ELF 64 bits) - see file 'test_perf.lua'; uncomment whatever test you want to run at the end.

Plain text size: 10 MBytes. Elapsed time in seconds

	- rc4 raw                 7.4  
	- rabbit                  4.7  
	- xtea ctr               11.0  
	- chacha20                7.9  
	- salsa20                 8.0  
	- norx aead               4.5  
	- norx32 aead             9.2  
	- morus aead              1.7

	- md5                     3.7  
	- sha2-256                9.1  
	- sha2-512                6.4  
	- sha3-256               23.2  
	- sha3-512               43.0  
	- blake2b-512             9.4  
	- blake2b-256             9.3  
	- poly1305 hmac           1.2  

	- adler-32                1.3  
	- crc-32                  1.8  

Elliptic curve (ec25519)
	- scalarmult (100 times) 18.9

Test vectors, tests, and disclaimer

Some simplistic tests can be run (test_all.lua). Individual test files are provided in the 'test' directory.

The implementations should pass the tests, but beyond that, there is no guarantee that these implementations conform to anything :-) -- Use at your own risk!

License and credits

All the files included here are distributed under the MIT License (see file LICENSE)

The salsa20 and box/secretbox implementations are contributed by Pierre Chapuis - https://github.com/catwell

The sha2-256 and sha2-512 core permutation has been borrowed from Egor Skriptunoff's pure_lua_SHA2 project - https://github.com/Egor-Skriptunoff/pure_lua_SHA2