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Gradle plugin for integrating NodeJS in your build. πŸš€

Gradle Plugin for Node

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This plugin enables you to use a lot of Node.js-based technologies as part of your build without having Node.js installed locally on your system. It integrates the following Node.js-based system with Gradle:

The plugin is published in the Gradle plugins portal with the com.github.node-gradle.node identifier.

It supports Gradle 6.6+ and Node.js 10+, for Gradle 5.6.4 support use version 3.x


⚠️ This is the documentation of the development version. See below in the releases history to read the documentation of the version you're using.

Here's how you get started using this plugin. If you do not find what you are looking for, please add an issue to GitHub Issues.

Releases History

Here's the documentation for older releases of the plugin:

Building the Plugin


Some integration test ensure that this plugin is able to use the globally installed Node.js, npm or yarn tools. This requires those tools are globally installed on your system in order to get all integration tests pass.


To build the plugin, just type the following command:

./gradlew build

The integration tests are run using multiple Gradle versions to ensure it works on all supported versions. But this takes a lot of time. To speed up the build, the tests run only on the current Gradle versions. To run the tests against all Gradle versions, use the following option (it is done by the CI).

./gradlew build -PtestAllSupportedGradleVersions=true


Contributions are always welcome! If you'd like to contribute (and we hope you do) please send one of the existing contributors a nudge.

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This plugin is open source project and completely free to use. If you are using this project in your products/projects, please consider sponsoring to ensure it is actively developed and maintained.

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