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πŸ” πŸ“Ό YouTube search as a service, with Slack integration and CLI


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Youtube Search as a service

SuchTube is a server and a CLI app to search videos on YouTube.

The server responds to multiple formats, even comes with Slack integration:

  • html at GET /search.html?q=cats
  • json at GET /search.json?q=cats
  • text at GET /search.text?q=cats
  • slack at POST /search.slack + Slack payload

The CLI allows you to search videos without leaving the terminal:

> suchtube funny cats
> suchtube football top goals --random --open

Or start the server:

> suchtube --server

You can also use the search part as a library.

Installation and usage


  • Node.js

Currently this package officially supports (and is tested against) Node v8.3+. If you need to manage different Node environments, a version manager (like creationix/nvm or tj/n) is recommended.

  • YouTube Data API key

Should be loaded in current shell as an environment variable named SUCHTUBE_YOUTUBE_DATA_API_V3.


Via npm:

> npm install -g suchtube
> suchtube --help

Via GitHub:

  • Clone this repo and cd into it.
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm start to start the server
  • Run bin/suchtube -h to use the CLI

The server listens by default on port 3333, if you want to change this, you can do it via the PORT environment variable. If you're starting the server using the SuchTube CLI, you can also set the port by:

> suchtube --server --port 4444


Options while using the CLI are available in the following formats: --time=10 or --time 10. For the server, you should pass the options along with the query, inside the q paramater, ie: ?q=funny+cats+--time=10.

  • --time=10, -t=10

Starts the video at the given time in seconds.

  • --random, -r

Returns a random video taking into account the given topic.

  • --open, -o (CLI only)

Opens the video in your browser.

  • --full, -f (CLI only)

Displays full video's information. It corresponds to hit GET /search.json?q= against the server.

Usage as a library

You can use the SuchTube search as a library:

const suchtube = require('suchtube')

suchtube.search('funny cats', { random: true }).then(video => {

Slack integration

/suchtube funny cats --random

To integrate SuchTube in your Slack workspace, read the following guides: https://api.slack.com/slash-commands.

Basically, you should run the server, make it publicly available (via URL or IP) and create a custom Slash Command pointing to your instance URL.


Any kind of idea, suggestion or bug report are really welcome! Just fork the repo, make your hack and send a pull request.

Thanks to all contributors, you rock 🀘


Start the server in development mode (nodemon + debugging):

> npm run dev

Run tests:

> npm test


Copyright (c) Marc Anguera Insa. SuchTube is released under the MIT License.