Awesome Lua Game Development

  • updated about 1 month ago Creative Commons ...

    A curated list of amazingly awesome LΓ–VE libraries, resources and shiny things.

  • updated 9 months ago MIT License

    A collision detection library for Lua

  • easing easing 155
    updated over 6 years ago Other

    Easing functions implemented in lua (Functions from )

  • flux flux 366
    updated over 3 years ago MIT License

    A fast, lightweight tweening library for Lua

  • updated 5 months ago

    Digital Estate Planning: The Game

  • updated 10 months ago MIT License

    Human-readable representation of Lua tables

  • Jumper Jumper 590
    updated over 1 year ago MIT License

    Fast, lightweight and easy-to-use pathfinding library for grid-based games

  • lume lume 945
    updated 7 months ago MIT License

    Lua functions geared towards gamedev

  • lurker lurker 268
    updated 11 months ago MIT License

    Auto-swaps changed Lua files in a running LΓ–VE project

  • mari0 mari0 591
    updated 9 months ago

    Mario + Portal platformer

  • updated over 1 year ago MIT License

    Object-orientation for Lua

  • updated 8 months ago

    🌐πŸ”₯ Network multiplayer and messaging for CoronaSDK, Moai, Gideros, LΓ–VE & Defold

  • pacpac pacpac 342
    updated about 9 years ago

    A lua-based Pac-Man clone.

  • updated almost 7 years ago MIT License

    Stateful classes for Lua

  • updated over 4 years ago The Unlicense

    A text-based game inspired by tetris.

  • updated over 1 year ago Other

    Tweening/Easing/Interpolating functions for lua. Inspired on jQuery's animate method.