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Repository Details

Scala Driver for RethinkDB

Build Status

Scala Rethinkdb Driver

Work in progress for RethinkDB 2.0 release.


  • Full Type Safety (still a work in progress, will use macros to support case class type safety, right now all queries should be typed checked against the rules of RQL, )
  • Mapping to and from case classes , this allows you to fetch data to an case class via .as[CaseClass] or insert data from case classes (will be translated to a Map[String,_]
  • Lazy evaluation, all expressions are evaluated in a lazy fashion, meaning that the ast will be build up but the inner args and optargs wont be resolved until .run/.as or .ast is called for performance.
  • Importing com.rethinkscala.Implicits._ will give you a more normal way to construct your rql so you can write normal scala code without worrying about casting in a Typed or via Expr
  • Uses Jackson for json mapping via jackson-module-scala



  • Complete Test Suite
  • Fix compile warns
  • Allow type safety for Predicate classes via macros

SBT Users

val main = Project(....).settings(resolvers ++= Seq("RethinkScala Repository" at "http://kclay.github.io/releases"))

val rethinkscala = "com.rethinkscala" %% "core" % "0.5.0",
val rethinkscala = "com.rethinkscala" %% "core" % "0.5.1-SNAPSHOT"

To get started

import com.rethinkscala.Blocking._ // for blocking api
implicit val blockingConnection = Blocking(Version3)
import com.rethinkscala.Async._ // for async api
implicit val asyncConnection = Async(Version3)


scala> r.table("marvel").map(hero=> hero \ "combatPower" + hero \ "combatPower" * 2)
res2: com.rethinkscala.ast.RMap = RMap(Table(marvel,None,None),Predicate1(<function1>))

scala> import com.rethinkscala._
import com.rethinkscala._

scala> val version =new Version3("")
version: com.rethinkscala.net.Version3 = Version3(,28015,None,5)

scala> implicit val connection = new Connection(version)
connection: com.rethinkscala.Connection = Connection(Version2(,28015,None,5))

scala> val info =DB("foo").table("bar").info
info: com.rethinkscala.ast.Info = Info(Table(bar,Some(false),Some(DB(foo))))

//case class DBResult(name: String, @JsonProperty("type") kind: String) extends Document
//case class TableInfoResult(name: String, @JsonProperty("type") kind: String, db: DBResult) extends Document

scala> val result = info.as[TableInfoResult]
result: Either[com.rethinkscala.net.RethinkError,com.rethinkscala.net.TableInfoResult] = Right(TableInfoResult(bar,TABLE,DBResult(test,DB)))

// selecting data
scala> r.db("test").table("foos").create.run
res1: Either[com.rethinkscala.net.RethinkError,Boolean] = Right(true)

scala> val table = r.db("test").table("foos")
table: com.rethinkscala.ast.Table = Table(foos,Some(false),Some(DB(test)))

scala> val records = for(i <-1 to  5) yield SelectFoo(i)
records: scala.collection.immutable.IndexedSeq[SelectFoo] = Vector(SelectFoo(1), SelectFoo(2), SelectFoo(3), SelectFoo(4), SelectFoo(5))

scala> table.insert(records).run
res2: Either[com.rethinkscala.net.RethinkError,com.rethinkscala.net.InsertResult] = Right(InsertResult(5,0,0,0,None,null,0,0))

scala> val results = table.between(2,4).order("id").as[SelectFoo]
results: Either[com.rethinkscala.net.RethinkError,Seq[SelectFoo]] = Right(Cursor(SelectFoo(2), SelectFoo(3), SelectFoo(4)))

scala> val results = table.filter(f=> f \ "id"> 2).as[SelectFoo]
results: Either[com.rethinkscala.net.RethinkError,Seq[SelectFoo]] = Right(Cursor(SelectFoo(3), SelectFoo(5), SelectFoo(4)))

scala> val results = table.filter(f=> f \ "id"> 2).order("id".desc).as[SelectFoo]
results: Either[com.rethinkscala.net.RethinkError,Seq[SelectFoo]] = Right(Cursor(SelectFoo(5), SelectFoo(4), SelectFoo(3)))

More found at here Be sure to check out the wiki


Note needs protobuf 2.5.0 installed

Checkout Main repo
sudo apt-get install protobuf-compiler
git clone [email protected]:kclay/rethink-scala.git
cd rethink-scala
sbt compile


###0.4.9 - 12/07/15

  • Update to Scala 2.11.7, SBT 0.13.8, and target JVM 1.8 (thanks @crockpotveggies)
  • Added scalaz-stream support
  • Refactored connections to have Backends, this will allow switching connection/stream implementations
  • Updated to support rethink API 2.0

###0.4.6 - 05/12/15

  • Polymorphism support #23
  • No need to extend Document anymore #19
  • Breaking Change - table.getAll(indes:String,attr:Any*) is now table.getAll(attr:Any*).withIndex(index:String)
  • Breaking Change - Updated table.indexCreate definition
  • Support for Continuing a stream
  • Added functional blocking delegate which uses Try
  • Updated Netty.io to 4.0.27.Final
  • Fixed issues with connection pooling where results wouldn't resolve and timeout.
  • Breaking Change - casting an Var to map is now done with mapOf[T]
  • Made connection setup sequence fully async
  • Blocking._ and Async._ now has Version3 visible
  • Added more examples/tutorial (thanks @Shegnc ) ###0.4.6 - 01/29/15
  • Geo Support
  • Uuid Support
  • Fixed restoring connection on failed quries (thanks @mick-h)
  • Fixed Option support (thanks @mick-h)
  • Fixed issue were null results were not handle properly (thanks @mick-h)
  • Fixed nested document insert (thanks @maohde)
  • Fixed exception being thrown when query returns back empty results (thanks @mick-h)

###0.4.5 - 10/12/14

  • Fixing Nested documents for json
  • Fixed connection pooling
  • Minor bug fixes

###0.4.4 - 8/26/214

  • JSON Support
  • Start of HTTP Support
  • Updated to support 1.13.x

###0.4.3 - 9/24/13

  • Added zip
  • bug fixes

###0.4.2 - 08/12/13

  • Fixed update and filter quries

###0.4 - 08/09/13

  • Fixed race conditions in connection pool
  • Switched to using protobuf-java 2.4.1 due to compatibility issues with akka-cluster 2.2.0
  • minor bug fixes

###0.3 - 07/28/13

  • A com.rethinkscala.Schema object can be created , this provides some helper methods to provide type-saftey for tables
  • The map representation of the query is returned as well if cased to com.rethinkscala.net.Document and is accessable by using a a com.rethinkscala.net.DocPath
  • Active record type update and saves are not available, importing you schema into scope provides your case classes with an save and update method, update does a full replace for now
  • Case classes can now have their id automatically generated by providing a id:Option[String] = None
  • Documents now have a beforeInsert and afterInsert lifecycle, afterInsert/afterInsert(generatedKey:String)
  • Driver now supports 1.7.x which allows you to fetch the new_vals for single entry update/insert via ChangeResult.resultValue[T]
  • minor bug fixes

###0.2 - 07/04/13

Streams are now supported, this means that when using methods like .getAll and between the results will be wrapped in a com.rethinkscala.net.Cursor[R] which will act like an Seq[R]

###0.1 - Initial release