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An awesome R-shiny list!

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A curated list of resources for R Shiny. (Featured on Awesome-R)






Self Hosting

  • Shiny Server - Back end software that builds a web server for shiny apps.
  • RStudio Connect - Back end software for hosing shiny applications, Rmarkdown, plus other features for enterprise contexts.
  • Shinyproxy - Uses containers for hosting shiny apps and a Java server control and proxy traffic to the app containers. How-to Blog.
  • ShinyStudio - Builds on the Rocker project by including ShinyProxy to provide secured access to RStudio, VS Code, and Shiny.

Platform As A Service (PAAS)

  • ShinyApps.io - Rstudio's PAAS specifically for hosting shiny apps.
  • Heroku - General cloud application platform that can be utilised by shiny apps with these buildpack scripts.




  • R-Studio
    • shinydashboard - Shiny Dashboarding framework.
    • fontawesome - Easily insert FontAwesome icons into R Markdown docs and Shiny apps.
    • shinythemes - Bootstrap themes for use with Shiny.
      • miniUI - Provides UI widget and layout functions for writing Shiny apps that work well on small screens.
  • dashboardthemes - An experimental R package to provide custom theme options for Shinydashboard applications.
  • shinyAce - Integrate ace editor with shiny.
  • shinyjs - Common JavaScript operations in shiny via R code.
  • colourpicker - Colour picker widget that can be used in different contexts in R.
  • ShinySky - Various UI widgets/components not part of Shiny e.g. alerts, styled buttons.
  • radiant - Business analytics using R and Shiny.
  • shinyTree - Enables Shiny application developers to use the jsTree library in their applications.
  • shinystan - Provides visual and numerical summaries of model parameters and convergence diagnostics for MCMC simulations.
  • shinyjqui - jQuery UI interactions and effects for shiny.
  • bsplus - Shiny and R Markdown addons to Bootstrap 3.
  • shinyFiles - Extends the functionality of shiny by providing an API for client side access to the server file system.
  • shinyDND - Create Shiny drag and drop elements in R.
  • shinyforms - Easily create questionnaire-type forms with Shiny.
  • ECharts2Shiny - Insert interactive charts from ECharts into Shiny.
  • shinyFeedback - Display user feedback along side Shiny inputs.
  • shinycssloaders - Add CSS loader animations to Shiny outputs.
  • directoryInput - Widget for interactive selection of directories.
  • shinymaterial - Implements Google Material Design in Shiny Applications.
  • shinysense - Series of Shiny modules to help Shiny sense the world around it.
  • shinyWidgets - Extend input widgets available in Shiny.
  • ggedit - A Shiny gadget for exploring ggplot objects.
  • shinytest - Automated testing for shiny apps.
  • timevis - Create interactive timeline visualizations in R.
  • shinytoastr - Notifications in Shiny, via toastr.
  • shiny.collections - Google Docs-like live collaboration in Shiny.
  • RinteRface - A collection of HTML templates for Shiny.
  • shiny.semantic - Semantic UI wrapper for Shiny.
  • yonder - A reactive web framework built on shiny.
  • shinycustomloader - Add a custom loader for R Shiny.
  • shinybusy - Minimal busy indicator for Shiny apps.
  • waiter - Loading screens for Shiny.
  • shinyhelper - Add markdown help files to Shiny apps.
  • shinyauthr - Server-side authentication using shiny modules.
  • auth0 - Authentication in Shiny apps using Auth0 service.
  • reactlog - Visual insight into a Shiny apps reactive graph.
  • supreme - Structure Shiny applications developed with modules.
  • shinymanager - Simple and secure authentication for single 'Shiny' applications using a SQLite database.
  • polished - Authentication, user administration, and web hosting for secure Shiny apps & Rmarkdown documents (flexdashboards, HTML, & PDF).
  • systemPipeShiny - Design/run biological or general data analysis workflows, and visualize downstream results.
  • golem - Framework for building production-grade shiny applications.
  • shinyTime - A timeInput widget for Shiny
  • shinyalert - Easily create pretty popup messages (modals) in Shiny
  • shinydisconnect - Show a nice message when a Shiny app disconnects or errors
  • shinyscreenshot - Capture screenshots of entire pages or parts of pages in Shiny apps
  • reactor - Unit testing for shiny reactivity


  • HTML Widgets/JavaScript
    • Crosstalk - Extends htmlwidgets with functionality for implementing cross-widget interactions.
    • DT - Provides a function datatable() to display R data via the DataTables JavaScript library.
    • leaflet - JavaScript library for creating dynamic maps that support panning and zooming along with various annotations like markers, polygons, and popups.
    • leaflet.minicharts - Add and update small charts on an interactive leaflet maps.
    • d3heatmap - Implements a D3 heatmap htmlwidget.
    • dygraphs - R interface to the dygraphs JavaScript charting library. It provides rich facilites for charting time-series data in R.
    • DiagrammeR - Tool for creating diagrams and flowcharts using Graphviz and Mermaid.
    • MetricsGraphics - Enables easy creation of D3 scatterplots, line charts, and histograms.
    • networkD3 - Graph data visualization with D3.
    • rthreejs - 3D scatterplots and globes.
    • rbokeh - Interface to Bokeh that provides a flexible, powerful, declarative framework for creating interactive plots.
    • plotly - Easily translate your ggplot2 graphics to an interactive web-based version, and also provides bindings to the plotly.js graphing library.
    • formattable - This package is designed for applying formatting on vectors and data frames to make data presentation easier, richer, more flexible and hopefully convey more information.
    • manipulateWidget - Add More Interactivity to htmlWidgets.
    • gglabeller - Gadget that enables selecting points on a ggplot to label.
    • billboarder - Htmlwidget for billboard.js.
    • highcharter - Flexible JavaScript charting libraries in shiny.
    • rhandsontable - An htmlwidgets implementation of Handsontable.js.
    • flextable - Easily create customizable tables
    • echarts4r - Create interactive charts by leveraging Echarts.js library.
    • rintrojs - Wrapper for the Intro.js library.
    • slickR - Slick carousel htmlwidget for R.
    • rclipboard - Clipboard.js for R/Shiny Applications.
    • scatterD3 - Scatter plot htmlwidget based on D3.js.
    • trelliscopejs - TrelliscopeJS R package.
    • visNetwork - Network visualization for R using vis.js library.
    • sigmajs - Fully-fledged wrapper for the sigma.js JavaScript library.
    • excelR - An interface to jExcel.js library.
  • flexdashboard - Easy interactive dashboards for R.
  • Shiny in Rmarkdown - Run shiny apps in rmarkdown documents.
  • ggvis - Make it easy to describe interactive web graphics in R.
  • RInno - Install local shiny apps by providing an interface between R and Inno Setup, (Windows Only).
  • googleVis - An interface between R and the Google's charts tools.
  • pool - Abstract away the logic of connection management and the performance cost of fetching a new connection from a remote database.




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