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a AsciiDoc Toolchain for technical Software Documentation, focused on Software Architecture Documentation




Corona/Covid19 is taking its toll. Time is short in these times and issues are not worked on. That is why I (rdmueller) have just introduced sponsored issues with higher priority. The label should help to explain why some issues will be preferred over others. If you want to sponsor an issue, just use the sponsor link on top of this page.


If you have used docToolchain in the past, please be aware that the master branch is undergoing some changes.

If you are looking for a fresh version and are willing to accept changes in the configuration, this ng branch is the right thing for you.

If you are looking for what you are used to, then download the V1.0.0 release

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create awesome docs!

docToolchain is an implementation of the docs-as-code approach for software architecture. The basis of docToolchain is the philosophy that software documentation should be treated in the same way as code together with the arc42 template for software architecture.



This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute!


See also the list of contributors from the docs.

Each contribution is highly valuable and appreciated, no matter how big it is - there are no small contributions. Even just fixing a typo or starring the project helps to promote it.

I decided to give people and companies a chance to support this project. This is done through https://opencollective.com - the same service which Asciidoctor uses.

Companies who use docToolchain

docToolchain is still one of the smaller open source projects, but some companies already fully embrace the docs-as-code approach through docToolchain. If your company uses docToolchain, then feel free to add your company’s logo through a pull request. Please state in the PR that we are allowed to display the logo within all projects websites and documentation.


Deutsche Bahn - DB Systel



Thank you to all our backers!

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History of this project

I just found an older tweet which reminded me of the roots and beginning of this project. It all began with two important parts. A script called asciidoc2confluence and some scripts to export diagrams from enterprise architect.

The first one is linked in the tweet above and the first commit dates back to mid of 2015. Since then, many contributors have joined! Thank for all of your contributions!