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Dynamo DB Database Done Scala-way

D4S - "Dynamo DB Database Done Scala-way"



The repo is archived. D4S is distributed as a part of PlayQ Toolkit.

What is it? Build

D4S - is a Scala library that allows you to work with DynamoDB in a pure functional way. It's powered by Izumi, uses Bifunctor IO and allows you to choose whatever effect type you want to use. It provides flexible and extensible DSL, supports AWS SDK v2 and has great integration with ZIO.

include the following components:

  1. d4s – core package, the lib itself.
  2. d4s-circe – provides circe codecs to encode the data.
  3. d4s-test - provides test environment and docker containers via DIstage TestKit.
  4. metrics - a small yet convenient package for metrics aggregation.
  5. aws-common - tagging and namespaces

Please proceed to the microsite for more information.