Awesome R Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

  • broom broom 1,383
    updated 3 months ago Other

    Convert statistical analysis objects from R into tidy format

  • lme4 lme4 573
    updated 24 days ago Other

    Mixed-effects models in R using S4 classes and methods with RcppEigen

  • updated 9 months ago Other

    Data Sets Used by tidymodels Packages

  • updated 22 days ago Other

    A tidy unified interface to models

  • updated 5 months ago Other

    Pipeable steps for feature engineering and data preprocessing to prepare for modeling

  • updated 28 days ago Other

    Classes and functions to create and summarize resampling objects

  • updated 8 months ago Other

    Bayesian comparisons of models using resampled statistics

  • updated 11 months ago Other

    Run predictions inside the database

  • tidyr tidyr 1,281
    updated 8 months ago Other

    Tidy Messy Data

  • tune tune 224
    updated 5 months ago Other

    Tools for tidy parameter tuning

  • updated 4 months ago Other

    Modeling Workflows