Awesome Java Bean Mapping

  • updated 6 months ago

    Library for converting from one Java class to a dissimilar Java class with similar names based on the Bean convention

  • doov doov 81
    updated 11 months ago Apache License 2.0

    dOOv (Domain Object Oriented Validation) a fluent API for type-safe bean validation and mapping

  • dozer dozer 2,039
    updated 8 months ago Apache License 2.0

    Dozer is a Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that recursively copies data from one object to another.

  • updated about 1 month ago Apache License 2.0

    Elegance, high performance and robustness all in one java bean mapper

  • mapstruct mapstruct 6,420
    updated 3 months ago Other

    An annotation processor for generating type-safe bean mappers

  • updated 24 days ago Apache License 2.0

    Intelligent object mapping

  • remap remap 109
    updated 7 months ago Apache License 2.0

    A declarative mapping library to simplify testable object mappings.

  • robospice robospice 2,957
    updated almost 6 years ago Apache License 2.0

    Repo of the Open Source Android library : RoboSpice. RoboSpice is a modular android library that makes writing asynchronous long running tasks easy. It is specialized in network requests, supports caching and offers REST requests out-of-the box using extension modules.