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A curated list of JavaScript tooling not written in JavaScript

Awesome JS Tooling not in JS Awesome

A curated list of JavaScript tooling not written in JavaScript



  • esbuild - JavaScript bundler in Go.
  • Parcel - Web application bundler, with its JavaScript transformer written in Rust on top of swc (source).
  • Bun - JS, TS, JSX bundler, JS and CSS transpiler, dev server and JS runtime environment, written in Zig.
  • Turbopack - incremental bundler optimized for JavaScript and TypeScript, written in Rust.
  • Rspack – A fast web bundler (drop-in replacement for Webpack), written in Rust.


  • swc - TypeScript/JavaScript compiler in Rust.
  • Relay - JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications, compiler in Rust.
  • Paperclip - Presentational component compiler in Rust + WASM.
  • Closure Compiler - in Java.


  • Boa - Embeddable and experimental Javascript engine, written in Rust.
  • Goja - ECMAScript/JavaScript engine, written in Go .
  • Hermes - JavaScript engine optimized for React Native, written in C++.
  • V8 - High-performance JavaScript and WebAssembly engine, written in C++.
  • JavaScriptCore – JavaScript engine for Swift, Objective-C, and C-based apps, written in C++.


  • dprint - Pluggable and configurable code formatting platform written in Rust; supports several languages such as JavaScript/TypeScript.


  • Deno Lint
  • Flow - Static type checker for JavaScript, written in OCaml.
  • quick-lint-js - Written in C++.
  • RSLint - Extremely fast JavaScript and TypeScript linter, written in Rust. (WIP)


If you can think of a more appropriate category for the items below, PRs welcome!

  • Fast Node Manager (fnm) - Node.js version manager, written in Rust.
  • Volt - JavaScript Package Manager, written in Rust.
  • Volta - JavaScript Tool Manager, written in Rust.
  • es-module-lexer - JavaScript module syntax lexer, written in C.
  • npm-dep-check-rust - Find unused dependencies in Node.js applications, written in Rust.
  • Rome - Linter, compiler, bundler, and more for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, Markdown, and CSS, 🚧 currently being re-written in Rust (source).
  • Wrangler - CLI tool to develop Clouflare Workers, written in Rust.
  • Turborepo - The high-performance build system for JavaScript & TypeScript codebases, written in Go, 🚧 currently being migrated to Rust (source).
  • Blueboat – all-in-one, multi-tenant serverless JavaScript runtime, written in Rust.
  • Proto – A multi-language version and dependency manager, written in Rust.

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